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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Center

Today's Throwback Thursday book is Center.

This one is actually the amalgamation of two books. The first one -- Center of the Earth and Sky -- was first published in 2003, and several years later I wrote a follow-up -- Painting the Desert. They were then amalgamated into one book simply titled Center.

BTW, the twins were totally yummy to write!


Combining two previous Sean Michael novels, The Center of Earth and Sky and Painting the Desert, Center focuses on twins Grey and Raine Holstein, who have a good life together. But that doesn't mean they're not willing to play. When they meet schoolteacher Whit, they both want to take him home. Whit is quickly drawn into a sensual world where passion overcomes panic, where a simple meal becomes an erotic feast, and where love is the paramount rule. The three of them try to find a way to make a life together, making sure no one is left out.

Grey, Raine and Whit seem to be living a charmed life, but their whole world is threatened when Grey is diagnosed with cancer, and everything starts to fall apart. Grey is their rock, and as he's ravaged by the cancer treatment, Whit and Raine struggle to hold it together. Will Whit find the strength to be what his lovers need him to be? Can he remain in the center of such a storm and survive it intact?

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Amazon link (where you can also get it in paperback)

somewhat smutty snippet:

"Can I get you another?" Whit asked nodding at the vodka and tonic.
"Oh, thanks." A wide, square hand was offered, heavy copper bracelet shining in the lights. "I'm Raine Holstein."
He offered his own hand back, hoping to hell it wasn't too damp.  "Bartholomew Whittaker.  Please call me Whit."
He couldn't help glancing up over at Raine's twin.
"That's Grey." Raine smiled over at his twin, who gave him a slow, smoldering look, then turned to nod to Whit.
"Hi," he managed with a nod and without squeaking.  He wasn't quite sure what was going on, Raine seem interested enough to flirt at least, and move closer, but Grey looked like he was all about Raine.
"So, I uh... haven't seen you here before -- you new in town?"
Raine nodded his head. "Yeah, actually. We got here a few months ago. We own a gallery and a little antique shop. Just got things settled in finally. Decided to come and play." Raine flashed him a quick smile. "I like playing and Grey... well, he says he humors me, but he likes to play too."
"Together?" he asked, probably a little too eagerly, but the idea excited him and he figured it was better to be honest and let that show than try to pretend a casualness he wouldn't be able to follow through on later.
"Yes, together." Grey's deep, gravelly voice sound as his hand settled on Raine's shoulder. He had a matching bracelet, heavy and beautiful. "Raine doesn't play without me."
Raine chuckled and nodded, nuzzling Grey's hand. "We're a matched set."
He smiled, the possessiveness in the tone and gesture, moving through him like a wave, hitting his balls hard.  "I bet you're beautiful together."  The words just slipped out and he bit his lip.  There was honesty and then there was honesty and he hoped he hadn't just blown it.
Raine blushed again as Grey chuckled and took a seat. Apparently they didn't mind honesty. "Thanks. Do you come here a lot?"
"On the weekends -- it's a nice place to relax, have a beer, maybe meet someone to spend some time with, you know."
Raine nodded. "One of the gallery artists recommended it. Said we would like it here. The atmosphere is nice, yeah, Grey?"
Grey nodded. "Not bad. Need better house scotch."
"I've got some 10 year old Glenkeith at home." What he wanted to know was who the hell had tampered with his brain/mouth connection, because it was working just a little too well and bypassing the make sure you really want to say it center.
A long look passed being Raine and Grey and then Grey nodded. Raine looked over. "Is that an offer, Whit? To share a little scotch and maybe play?"
He forced himself to think about it.  To really think about it.  All he kept seeing was these two guys making love while he watched and he knew, even if that's all it turned out to be, he wanted it. "Yeah, it's an offer."
Two sets of identical black eyes glittered at him and then the guys nodded and stood as one.
Raine smiled as Grey helped him on with his jacket. "Should we follow you? We're on the Harley."
And that ladies and gentlemen was the sound of his cock bursting through his zipper.
"I'm-" he cleared his throat.  Twice.  "I'm not that far -- I walked."
"Oh, okay. Should I walk with Whit, Grey?"
"No. Drive him home, Raine, and then come back for me and we'll go together."
"Okay." Raine gave him a smile and tilted his head. "Wanna ride?"
Not trusting his voice he just nodded. He was harder than Hell -- he sure hoped the Holstein brothers really were into honesty, 'cause if he had to ride behind Raine, the man was going to know just how turned on he was right now.
"Cool." The brothers led him outside where the sleek black motorcycle waited. He was handed a helmet and then Raine hopped on, patting the seat behind him. "Where to, Whit?"
"Maple, just off Washington."
He put on the helmet, and climbed on behind Raine, putting his arms tentatively around the man's waist, trying to keep his crotch away from Raine's ass. Raine's body was strong, solid, and fucking hot in his arms. The Harley roared to life, vibrations running through his crotch. "Hold on tight, Whit. She's a great ride, our little lady here."
What the Hell.  He tightened his arms, letting himself mold to Raine's back.  Between the vibrations from the Harley and the heat from Raine, he was pretty sure he was heading for a pretty decent orgasm before they went two blocks.
Raine's ass moved against him as they rode. The brothers were solidly built, not body-builders, maybe, but not skinny guys. Strands of the long hair escaped from inside Raine's jacket, moving over his cheeks, his arms. He just closed his eyes and enjoyed it: the scent of leather from Raine's jacket, the hard body in his arms, moving with the motorcycle, the hair against him.  He might have whimpered a little, he might have moaned a little. He definitely held on tighter, pressed closer.  He wanted to rub against that fantastic ass.
They pulled off onto Maple, the Harley purring. "Which house, Whit?"
He pointed it out and they pulled up into the driveway, the angle pushed Raine's ass into him. He gasped and pushed back.  "We could always circle the block a couple of times," he suggested, only half-joking.
"Later. Grey will worry." Raine's ass rocked against him. "We want Grey to play, Whit. He growls, but he can make you scream."
That brought another gasp out of him and he rolled once more against Raine's ass and then quickly got off the bike before he rubbed himself off against Raine in front of the whole fucking street. He handed the helmet back to Raine, hands only shaking a tiny bit.  "I'll leave the door unlocked."
"Cool. We'll be right back." Raine reached out, stroking his cock once with that square, hot hand. "Wait for us." Then Raine backed the bike down the driveway and headed off. He just stood there, blinking, trying to find his breath, watching the empty street.

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  1. Not sure if I've read this, I'll have to check

    1. If you haven't, I hope you enjoy them :)

  2. This is the book that introduced me to you. It is a favorite that I go back to time and time again.

    1. I'm so glad you like them so much -- thank you!

  3. I loved Center of Earth and Sky and Painting the Desert SO much! I think I cried through 75% of Painting the Desert. Grey, Raine and Whit are wonderful characters

    1. Thank you so much - Painting was HARD to write. Very hard.

  4. Ooh I don't remember reading this....

    1. *grins* That's why I like to do the throwback thursdays

  5. This was one of the first books I read outside of the Hammer series. I reread it every now and again. I love the twins.

    1. Thank you! I love writing twins and Grey and Raine were especially close.