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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Smutterday - Beginning to Believe

Beginning to Believe is another re-release from the Bus Stories Anthology, which was published in 2003. Twelve years doesn't seem like that long ago, but I'm reading through it and come across a VCR. A VCR. In twelve years that has all but disappeared from our vocabulary! Which I find very neat.

Beginning to Believe

Tyler’s a fun-loving, surfing mechanic who loves his life and lives every day to the fullest. When he meets potential client Kit, he’s immediately attracted and ready to get to know the man better.

Kit’s a music producer who used to do the singing himself. He was quite the star, actually, until an accident in his tour bus took whipped out nearly his entire band. Kit didn’t come out it unscathed, though. Along with emotional scars, he lost both legs and hasn’t sung a note since.

Tyler’s more concerned with how Kit makes him feel than whether or not the man has artificial limbs, and he pursues Kit eagerly. Can Tyler help Kit to believe in love again?

It's currently available for pre-order, and will be officially out on February 4.

Smutty Snippet:

He found his chair and unfastened his jeans, pushing them past his more than decent undershorts before he plopped down in it. At Tyler's look, he shrugged. "In case I need to take my legs off in public. Can't go around being indecent."
"Ah. And here I thought I was gonna get a peek." Ty gave him a wink, sprawled easily in his chair.
"Oh, that would be damned rude of me." He chuckled and worked the pants down, peeking every now and again at Tyler's face. His right prosthesis was longer, had a knee on it and he had to release the vacuum, using the pressure sock to pull his stump out.
"That's quite the rigmarole," Ty noted. "How long does it take to put on?"
"The below knee one takes me five minutes or so. The above knee about ten. It all depends on how sore I am, how late I am." He unlocked the liner on his left leg, sliding free of the socket. Once he put the legs and jeans aside, he unrolled the pressure socks and wiped his stumps off with a baby wipe.
Ty got up and came over to him, kneeling next to the chair.
"May I?" Tyler asked, hand hovering above his legs.
Kit stomach wrenched, the look of those hands near his skin so hot, so unexpected. "Yeah. Yes."
Ty touched the stumps, fingers tracing the heavy scars. "Can you feel this? Where does it hurt?"
"I... Yes. I can. I... It aches inside -- just from having stood on them." His voice was husky, eyes fastened on those hands. Oh, God. God.
The light touches became firmer, massaging gently. "Does this help?" Ty asked, looking up at him.
"Uh-huh." He shivered, almost gasping. He was going to die. Right here. Right now. And it would be worth it.
"Good. It's the least I can do, seeing as it's my fault you were out making them ache in the first place." Tyler just kept massaging his stumps, eyes smiling up at him like it was the most natural thing in the world.
"Oh... Ty..." Kit leaned forward, brushing a soft kiss against those lips, shaking.
"I'm not hurting you, am I?" Ty asked, one hand leaving its massage to stroke across his cheek.
"No. Oh God, no. I just... It feels so good, so... real." He was fighting tears, fighting the wave of need that poured over him.
"It is real, Kit." Ty leaned forward, the hand on his cheek guiding his head down. "I want to kiss you again."
"Please." He whispered the word against Ty's lips, watching those amazing eyes.
Ty's tongue licked his lips, parting them just enough for that tongue to slide in as their mouths pressed together. His eyes closed, a single tear escaping as he melted, moaning into the kiss. Tyler's hand was still on one of his stumps, fingers just stroking now as one kiss slid into another and then another.
So good, so sweet. Kit whimpered, hands sliding into Ty's hair, thumbs rubbing Ty's cheeks. Ty tilted his head slightly, turning the kisses deeper.
He fell into the kisses, body thrumming, need coursing through him. Oh, if they didn't stop, he was going to come. Right here. Ty just kept on kissing him, tongue stroking and playing with his own, one hand still on his leg, caressing from the top of his thigh on down to his stump, over and over again.
His balls tightened and Kit pulled back, forehead resting on Tyler's. "You... you're going to make me come, Ty. I'm sorry. It's just... It's been a long time."
"Oh, man, it must have been if you're ready to come from a few kisses." Those eyes watched him as the hand on his leg slid up to cup his erection through his shorts. "Let me help take the edge off..."
Kit whimpered, body jerking, hips shifting toward the touch. Oh, dear God. Please. Good.
Ty brought their lips back together again, tongue sliding into his mouth as that warm hand pushed past the waistband of his shorts and wrapped around his prick. He cried out into Ty's lips, body moving instinctively, hungry for sensation, wanting this so badly. Ty hummed into his mouth, hand hot and tight around his cock, finding a quick pace.
It didn't take any time, none at all, but it was sweeter than honeycomb, lights bright and sparkling behind his eyes as he came.

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  1. OMG!!! Absolutely can't wait! Thank you for telling the stories of peeps who feel their scars leave them unloved. Different body types do not make the essential person unloveable. Indeed ... most time ... makes them more empathetic & caring ... because they have experienced being undervalued. Thank you for another story that bolsters self worth!

  2. Oh this was gorgeous. Reading through it got me choked up. I can already tell this is a beautiful story. <333

  3. I've the Bus Stories Anthology and your post made me re-read the all the stories, I love them! :) There's nothing better when having the flu than re-reading old favorites, I already made my way through all the Velvet Glove stories too :)