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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movie Tuesday

So I did indeed go and see the third Hobbit movie last Tuesday at the IMAX. I do love the IMAX for movies. It takes my eyes a few minutes to adjust, but once they do, wow, does it feel immediate (and there's always a few times where I duck out of the way of stuff that seems to be coming right at me.)

I enjoyed the movie very much. Maybe not as much as the first of the three Hobbits, but definitely more than the second. It left me feeling very melancholy, though. A heaviness that made me glad that it wasn't the end of the saga, but that it continues in Lord of the Rings. It has been far too long since I last read the book, too (both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.)

I also went to see The Imitation Game. Wow. Forget left feeling melancholy, this one had me crying.

While I had some concept about the movie in general, I didn't know the whole story so it unfolded for me through the movie. Man, we as a human race in general are total crap to anyone who is different, aren't we? And geniuses often are very different because their minds don't work like everyone else's and often they are introverts to boot. Add something like being gay at a time when it is a crime to the pot and wow, poor Turing was doomed. The end did indeed have me crying and also mad. Things may not be where they need to be yet, but damn, we have come a long way from when it was a crime to be gay and you could expect either jail time or chemical castration as your two best options if you were found guilty of it.

I have to say too, that it felt weird, going into the theatre and not being given 3-D glasses. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that wasn't classified as action or fantasy or sci-fi. The 'quieter' movies are the kind that I usually wind up watching at home after they're released on bluray. I should watch them on the big screen more often.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed & were moved by the Turing movie. That whole story makes my heart hurt ... knew about him when I was in high school .. had a very progressive ... world wise English teacher who reached & therefore pushed us way beyond the 'normal' boundaries at that time. Forever Grateful!

    1. Heart hurt is a very apt description for Turing's story. I'm glad you had that kind of English teacher, and that his story has been told on the big screen.

  2. I share your feeling of melancholy at the end of the third Hobbit movie. I have to admit, my favorite character was Thorin. He made such a personal journey throughout all three films and my heart ached when he died. And you're right, some movies are just meant to be seen on the big screen.

    GAH we just saw The Imitation Game ourselves this past weekend. Brilliant performances all around. I went into it with a different perspective than you, I already knew the story of Alan Turing, know how things ended for him. I had no idea the movie would include that but I'm glad it did because it really brought home just how awful human beings can be to each other. That being gay can negate every brilliant thing he did horrifies me. And as a nurse, OMG chemical castration just infuriates me. However, I am glad that we have progressed far enough to make a movie like that and admit that horrific mistakes were made and hopefully send the message to today's generation not to make those same mistakes.


    1. Nods. I think it was important that they included that in the ending of the movie.