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Saturday, January 3, 2015


First Saturday of the new year, it seems only right that Smutterday returns!

Today's smutty snippet is from Drawing Straws: Tork, which is coming out with Resplendence Publishing on January 14! Erik and Joe are the first two in the series.

Damon, Erik, Joe and Tork are back at their secret cabin for the weekend, but they all have more on their minds than spending the weekend fucking.

With Damon sick, his three lovers have rallied around, using sick days and time owing to make sure Damon is covered twenty-four-seven as he goes through chemo and recovery in his attempt to battle cancer. Only halfway through four rounds of chemo, Damon nonetheless has insisted they keep their quarterly ‘date’.

Even though they are there at Damon’s request, will the men be able to concentrate on picking a bottom and using him well? Or will they all be too distracted by real life to let loose and play?

Smutty Snippet

“Hey honey! We’re home!” Erik called out. He had Damon in his arms, cradling the dark, skinny body as they came through the front door.

Tork met them there, sliding his hand gently over Damon’s bald head. He had a kiss for Erik, another one for Joe, and the gentlest of brushes of his lips across Damon’s.

Damon smiled for him, eyes red but twinkling. “Hey, gorgeous. I made it.”

“You did. And you’ve got the prime position of being in our Viking god’s arms.” He gently touched Damon’s cheek.

“I know, right?” Damon looked so happy to be here, smiling through those cracked lips. “Good to be home.”

That look, the sweet smile, those told Tork right there that, hard as the trip up might have been on Damon, coming here was the right decision.

“Yeah. I brought the big chair into the kitchen and set it up at the table for eating. And the chicken is almost ready to come off the grill.” 

Erik took Damon over to the chair, sat with him. Meanwhile, Joe pushed into Tork’s arms, kissing him like a desperate man. He took it and kissed back, his arms wrapping around the tight, hot body. 

Oh, fuck. Yes. This was what he needed. Heat. Passion. Pure need.

If he could tire his body out, maybe his brain would stop rabbiting for a while.

Joe pushed him up against the wall and he let it happen, let that studly son of a bitch rub against him like they were going to catch on fire.

“Need you. Touch me. Now,” Joe demanded.

Tork didn’t need a second invitation and he wormed his fingers into Joe’s waistband, tugging the t-shirt out and pushing it up over Joe’s head. 

Then Joe grabbed the back of his head and dragged him in, the kiss fierce. Yanking Joe’s jeans down, he got a hold of the fat, hard cock, meeting Joe’s need with a passion of his own and not holding back a bit.

If Damon needed anything, Erik would take care of him until he and Joe were done. Right now, he needed to bury himself in this passion, in these sensations.

Joe’s fingers worked at his clothes and Tork didn’t bother helping. He was too busy.

“Save the chicken, ‘rik, huh?” Damon was laughing.

Tork looked over at Damon as Erik got up to go out the back, feeling a little wild. “You want us to stop?” Okay, so he would stop if he had to. Totally and without hesitation.

“Fuck no. You’re beautiful. Make each other come for me.” Damon grinned at him, that smile so lovely. “This is the best kind of porn.”

“It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it.” Tork offered Damon a wink with the words, knowing it would make their lover laugh. 

Joe groaned and grabbed him close, shutting him up with another no holds barred kiss as Damon laughed for him.

Joe drove against his thigh, pushing hard and fast and Tork got his own pants open one-handed, the other firmly on Joe’s ass, which clenched and rolled under his touch.

Soon as his own cock was out, he repositioned Joe so they were rubbing together, then encouraged that ass to work harder, faster.

“Make me shoot. Make me feel it.” He slapped Joe’s ass, hard.

smut fixes everything


  1. Yes! I love these characters and can't wait to read this!
    Thank you!


    1. Thanks, Donna. I'm gearing up to write the final one soon. I kind of don't want to because then it'll be over...

  2. Can't wait to read this! Loved the first two books

  3. Never has to be over over! They live in your head & heart & we can visit them whenever they need to talk to us. There is never a need to desert your men!

  4. OH wow, this kind of got me choked up...