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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Smutterday - Love Matters

Today's smutty snippet is from Love Matters, the follow up to Size Matters. It will be out for early download at Totally Bound on January 16, and at the distributors on February 13.

For ten years they’ve done things Trey’s way. Now Lucien wants more. He wants to be with his lover full-time. Is Trey ready? Will he ever be?

Ten years after they first met and fell in love, Lucien and Trey are still together—after a fashion. Terrified that he’s going to become entirely dependent on Lucien, Trey calls his lover to come spend four to five days with him whenever he finishes a novel. Lucien wants more, but up until now has been willing to bow to Trey’s wishes.

Finally broaching the idea of seeing each other more often, during Trey’s writing periods, Lucien suggests that they begin to date each other on Friday nights. Trey agrees to the experiment and begins to flourish as Lucien gets him out of the house more—to eat, to swim, to visit the beach.

But can Trey remain faithful to his work ethic, get the job done with his novels and enjoy the distractions and adventures Lucien plans for him? Or will Lucien’s desire to have more break them apart?

Only time will tell.

Smutty Snippet:

Trey explored the blanket’s edge, the puckering where the stitches were—anything to keep himself busy, to keep his hands from running over his own body, wrapping around his cock. God, the waiting was torture.

He could hear each step as Lucien undressed—Lucien’s shirt shushing as it slithered from Lucien’s shoulders, the zipper of Lucien’s pants slowly being drawn down.

The scent of his lover grew stronger, too, like the best kind of perfume on the air. He swore he could tell when Lucien’s boxers were pushed down, too, the thick cock springing out.

“You’re naked now.” And he wanted to touch.

“I am.” Lucien tugged on his covers and he let them go, felt the air brush across his body as Lucien pulled the sheets away. “And now, so are you.”

His nipples tightened, the flesh sliding on the metal piercing them and he reached out, searching for contact.

Lucien’s hand met his, warm and solid, bringing it to Lucien’s shoulder as he straddled Trey. “Look.”

Oh, he’d missed this. Broad and muscled, skin smooth as glass, with a broad nose and a square jaw—Lucien was beautiful. The heat of Lucien’s body was tremendous, sexy. When Trey’s fingers arrived a second time at Lucien’s mouth, Lucien kissed them.

“Keep going,” Lucien ordered. “Then it’s my turn.”

“It’s good to see you, Sir.” The man’s eyes were wrinkled at the edges, Lucien smiling. The soft tightly curled hair was kept short, not shaggy like his.

“It’s been too long.”

The words weren’t censure, more fact, though he knew Lucien missed him as much as he missed Lucien.

“It has. This one was challenging. I didn’t feel the flow.” He’d fought the novel hard, getting more and more frustrated as the days and weeks passed and it still wasn’t finished.

“You should have called me. I could have helped you find your…flow.”

“I should have.” He tried to save rule breaking for extreme emergencies. He wasn’t sure that missing Lucien and being frustrated with his novel counted as one.

Lucien’s fingers landed on his face, tracing his features. Trey parted his, his body shifting, squeezing the plug. After thoroughly exploring his face and head , Lucien moved to touch his neck, his collarbones and shoulders. He pushed into the touches the way he imagined a large cat might.

All the way down his body, Lucien’s touch travelled, awakening his senses. Awakening his very skin. His cock was hard as nails, pushing up toward Lucien’s heated fingers. He knew that was a fool’s errand. Lucien rarely, if ever, worked his penis, insisting on arousing his hole, his gland. His mind.

He was shocked when a soft kiss landed on the tip of his erection.

“Oh.” He moaned, sucking in air.

“Don’t get used to it,” murmured Lucien, touch sliding over to his hips.

“Tease,” Trey accused fondly.


God, Lucien made him happy.

Warm fingers brushed his balls and Trey wiggled, wanting more.

“Spread your legs for me, Trey.” Lucien pushed away from his body until he complied, then settled between his legs. One hand pushed in the center of his chest, easing him back to the pillows. The other rolled his balls before heading right for his hole. “Let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we?”

“A plug like you asked, Sir.” He hadn’t disobeyed. He hadn’t pushed himself either. He wanted Lucien to push him.

“Good, good, but which one?” Lucien was moving so slowly, he was never going to get there.

“I started small. We have four whole days.” Five, if you counted today, though it was already late afternoon.

“Don’t ruin the surprise.” Lucien slid the long fingers to his hole, tapping the base of the tiny plug.

“Yes, Sir.” He clenched his hole, playing.

Chuckling, Lucien pushed hard on the end of the plug. Trey shivered, the tiny thing rocking deep inside him.

“You started very, very small,” Lucien noted.

What was he supposed to say to that, exactly?

Lucien, it seemed, had something to say about it. “We’ll have to take it to very, very large. Of course we’ll do it very, very slowly.”

All Trey could do was moan, his entire body tightening.

“Yeah, you like the thought of that, don’t you? My little size slut.”

Lucien knew what he needed, all the way to the bone.

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  1. Oh well that is certainly a lovely way to start a Saturday! *clicks link above srsly wishing it was January 16th already*