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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Big Release Week

It never fails, if I have three releases in a month, like I do this month, they all pop up in the same week!

Two are coming out on Wednesday and one is available for early download on Friday!

Drawing Straws: Tork

Damon, Erik, Joe and Tork are back at their secret cabin for the weekend, but they all have more on their minds than spending the weekend fucking.

With Damon sick, his three lovers have rallied around, using sick days and time owing to make sure Damon is covered twenty-four-seven as he goes through chemo and recovery his attempt to battle cancer. Only halfway through four rounds of chemo, Damon nonetheless has insisted they keep their quarterly ‘date’.

Even though they are there at Damon’s request, will the men be able to concentrate on picking a bottom and using him well? Or will they all be too distracted by real life to let loose and play?

Out on Wednesday January 14 at Resplendence!

Winter's Gift

Badly disfigured, Geoff lives alone in the woods with only his wolf as companion. It’s a solitary life, but one he is comfortable with. When he discovers a fairy with an injured wing at the beginning of winter, his whole ordered world is turned upside down. But will Mauve be horrified by his rescuer’s visage? Or can the fairy look beyond the scars and see into Geoff’s heart?

Originally published in the Bus Stories anthology.

Officially out on Wednesday January 14 at Torquere -- but you already pre-order it!

Love Matters

For ten years they’ve done things Trey’s way. Now Lucien wants more. He wants to be with his lover full-time. Is Trey ready? Will he ever be?

Ten years after they first met and fell in love, Lucien and Trey are still together—after a fashion. Terrified that he’s going to become entirely dependent on Lucien, Trey calls his lover to come spend four to five days with him whenever he finishes a novel. Lucien wants more, but up until now has been willing to bow to Trey’s wishes.

Finally broaching the idea of seeing each other more often, during Trey’s writing periods, Lucien suggests that they begin to date each other on Friday nights. Trey agrees to the experiment and begins to flourish as Lucien gets him out of the house more—to eat, to swim, to visit the beach.

But can Trey remain faithful to his work ethic, get the job done with his novels and enjoy the distractions and adventures Lucien plans for him? Or will Lucien’s desire to have more break them apart?

Only time will tell.

Available for early download at Totally Bound on Friday January 16!

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