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Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Things Friday

1) There was snow during the day yesterday and then more overnight. Not a huge accumulation -- probably around five centimeters, maybe a touch more -- but I'll take it! Plus, you know, snow means the temps get closer to freezing and after weeks of -17C being the high -10C feels totally warm.

2) Today I am blogging at the TRS Blog (a Valentine's Day post) and also at the Torquere Social LJ.

3) I have far too many works in progress open, but as long as the boys in my head have an outlet and stay happy, that's okay.

4) I am on target with my deadlines at the moment - yay! (I should probably knock on wood now, having just jinxed myself)

5) Must not forget this one -- TGIF! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Have a Great TGIF & weekend! We all love when your beautiful boys clamor around in your head ... means we get to visit with them sooner or later! Store the cold for the coming heat! Have a Great weekend!

  2. Store up the cold indeed! Goonellabah is already 22C and headed for a high of 32C today. And yes, I agree with Ann, we definitely like it when boys clamour for space in your head. Happy Weekend! :-)

  3. GAH that's cold :/ And we were complaining about 32 F :((((

    YAY for all those boys talking to you - means good things for us :D

    Have a great weekend <3333