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Monday, November 3, 2014

My God It's Monday

Man, the Monday after the time change feels like Monday on steroids! A time change hangover. 

Today I was listening to auditions for the audiobook of Cupcakes. Firstly, how cool is it that Cupcakes is going to be an audiobook? Pretty damn cool :) Secondly, I thought this was going to be easy, but man, it's much harder than advertised. Who knew? I do now.

This week I have a release on Thursday -- the next Shibari Auction House is coming out from Changeling Press!

Brent is the follow up story to Joel.

Six months ago, Joel auctioned himself off to the highest bidder for a no holds barred subbing contract. Intrigued, Brent bought the contract and the two began a magical journey of discovery together. Now that the contract is almost up, will Brent and Joel go their separate ways? Or have they found something together that is far more than either of them could have hoped for?

It'll be available on Thursday November 6 at Changeling Press!

And next week is the release of the collection of Jarheads short stories -- 9 of them gathered in one spot! The collection is called Everyday Stories.

This collection brings together nine Sean Michael short stories that follow the everyday lives of everyone’s favorite Jarheads: Rock, Rig and Dick. Whether working in the garden, fooling around with paint, or just plain fooling around, nobody loves like these two Marines and their Nurse.

All stories previously published by Torquere Press:
Re-Sounding Love
Boys at Play
Hot and Pink
Just Perfect
Loving Away the Grumps
One Lucky Fucking Redneck
Possessor and Possessed
Rig and the Gym Bunnies
Working Late 

It'll be out November 12 from Torquere Press.

I have lots of books coming out in December, but I'm going to wait a bit to tell you all about them. (insert evil laugh here).

I hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. you bully..... making us wait for details.


  2. OH YAY for the collection of Jarhead shorts! WOoooHOOOO and ugh the time change I'm STILL recovering :/