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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Coming Soon, the Holiday Stories Edition

I have five Holiday themed stories coming out in the next few weeks. That's more than any other year when it's been one or two, which makes me happy. I do love Christmas, so it's always a pleasure to write holiday themed stories -- even if it is in the middle of July!

Speaking of the holidays, I have Christmas Cards and I'm not afraid to send them! If you'd like one, please email me at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the commas) with your mailing address and I will pop one in the mail to you when I get home.

I don't have access to my files while I'm on holiday, so unfortunately, I can't share any excerpts of these stories, but I can share the blurbs and let you know when they'll be available.

The first one coming out was actually written quite a few years ago. It's been out of print for over a year and I'm so pleased that Amber agreed to re-publish it for me, right in time for Christmas, too! So if you haven't read No Regrets yet, now's your chance!

Drake is a musician and singer with a career that has spun out of his control. When he gets an invitation from an old friend to come and spend some downtime in the country, he happily turns off his cell phone and heads to the middle of nowhere.

Artist Scott hopes Drake will find some peace on his little farm, and sets about making his old buddy right at home. Can the two of them fight off Drake's fame and find happiness together, at least for the Christmas season?

No Regrets will be available on Sunday November 30 at Amber.

The next Christmas story to be released is a part of Dreamspinner's "Celebrate" Advent Calendar. Beginning December 1, the stories will be available individually, but if you pre-order the package, you get all 31 stories delivered throughout the month for a much lower price than buying them individually.

Check out the whole package here.

My story is The Swag Man Delivers.

Orpheus “O” Drummond, a recent Ph.D. graduate, is visiting Australia after defending his thesis, and being dumped by his boyfriend. While alone on the beach in Australia was not how he’d originally planned on spending his Christmas, when O runs into Gage, he figures Santa knew exactly what he was doing.

Gage is traveling away from his Texan home, trying to “find himself.” When he finds O instead, he doesn’t think things could have worked out better. Together Gage and O celebrate Christmas in the best way they can think of.

Next up is Guns, Leather and Tinsel, featuring the owner of a biker bar and an undercover leather-daddy cop. Strangely enough there are gunrunners, lots of leather and also some tinsel in this book!

Undercover cop Brian “Boom” Simpson is working the week before Christmas so the guys with families don’t have to. He’s on the hunt for a motorcycle club that’s running guns. His work leads him to The Rusty Tailpipe, a biker bar just outside of town where the Bloody Sundays hang out.

Raptor Evans, owner of The Rusty Tailpipe, loves his life. He owns a bit of land, and his bar, where he doesn’t put up with any trouble, running a tight ship with the help of his trusty baseball bat. When Boom comes walking in, the drool worthy stud turns Raptor’s world upside down, in more ways than one.

Can Boom and Raptor’s fledgling relationship survive Boom’s job, the Bloody Sundays, gunrunners, and Christmas?

After that is my story with Changeling. They do a different theme every year and this year's theme was Peppermint Twist. I had a lot of naughty pun with this one. (And no that isn't a typo.) 

Bad Elf, No Candy Cane

When candy maker Syllabub runs away from the North Pole, Claus sends his best enforcer after the wayward elf.

Power is good at his job, but when he finds Syllabub in the sweltering heat of Ottawa in July, the last thing he wants to do is return to the North Pole.

Is there something between them? Or has the heat gone to Power's head? Only time will tell.

This one is coming out on December 12 (Changeling is usually early, though, so look for it on the 11th!)

And finally, we have my annual Hammer Christmas Auction story. I don't have the cover for this one yet.

 It's been two years since Neil's Master Chris passed away unexpectedly and he's ready for someone to touch him again. More than ready. The problem is that everyone is respectfully keeping their distance. Participating in the annual charity Hammer Auction seems like the perfect opportunity to announce his readiness, and to get some of the touches he craves so badly at the same time.

To Neil's surprise, his best friend and neighbor, Master Dalton makes the winning bid, leaving Neil to wonder if he must continue exist alone and untouched. Master Dalton has a secret, though, one that might change Neil's life forever.

This one will be out on December 17 from Torquere Press.

Believe it or not, I have five other releases in the month of December that aren't related to the holidays! That's what happens when I do holiday themed stories on top of 'regular' stories! I'll save them for another blog post.

Happy Sunday!
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  1. I know where all my money is going in December. LOL

  2. OH man, so many good things coming from you this month! WOO HOOO - ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY <3333

  3. Thanks for adding to my Christmas list!