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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Fine as Frog Hair

If you have any requests for Throwback Thursday, just let me know!

Today, I'm throwing back to one of the earlier novels I wrote: Fine as Frog Hair. Did you know that's an expression? I first heard it from BA Tortuga, and new it would make a great title. And you know me and titles, we're not fast friends at all - in fact that's an understatement, titles are the hardest part of writing! - so if I have a title before I have a book, I have to run with it!

Fine As Frog Hair follows Russ as he sets out to see America and finds something even better in Trey, a true cowboy and all around good folks. Russ and Trey have a wonderful guy next-door quality, taking their romance one step at a time, but when sparks fly it heats up fast, and we’re swept right along with them. These two have it all, from laughter to heartache to the hottest sex West of the Mississippi, all the while proving that while life isn’t perfect, it’s just fine by them. Fine as frog hair.

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Somewhat Smutty (and seasonal!) Excerpt:

They finished their coffee, Trey's hand still just touching him as they listened to carols playing on the radio. He reached for a cookie and nibbled at it. The sugar was sweet in his mouth and on his lips and he licked them and his fingers to clean them.

A soft moan split the air, Trey's touches stuttering. He glanced up, fingers still in his mouth. It wasn't until he saw the look in Trey's eyes that he realized how suggestive what he was doing was. His cheeks colored.

Trey blushed dark. "I'm sorry... It's just... You're so sexy, Russ..."

"Me?" He shook his head. "Now you, with those long legs and that sweet little butt? You're the sexy one."

Trey's eyes went wide and those cheeks got darker. "You like my butt? Russ... You... You're a damned fine man."

His own cheeks were hot enough he was sure they were going to be starting a fire any minute now. He stood up. "Floor's getting awful hard." Not to mention it was awfully far away from Trey.

"There's room by me." Trey patted the sofa.

"I was hoping there would be."

He set his cup on the little side table that held the lamp and sat next to Trey, right next to him. His hand landed on Trey's knee and he stroked softly.

Trey put his mug down, too, hand sliding around his waist. "Can I kiss you?"

"Yes, please, Trey." He leaned forward, meeting Trey halfway.

Their lips met, Trey's tongue sliding into his mouth so carefully. Coffee and sugar and whiskey and cream and cinnamon -- Trey tasted just like Christmas. He sucked lightly on Trey's tongue, need expanding in his belly and rushing down into his balls. A low noise slipped into his mouth, Trey's hand tightening on his waist, pulling him closer. He could feel Trey all along his side and their legs were pressed together. He put his arm around Trey's shoulders, holding on, staying close. They fit together well; Trey's body was warm and relaxed, not soft, though, the muscles firm against him.

Russ lost himself in the kisses, in the way Trey's mouth fit against his, in the tastes and scents that were Trey. One of Trey's hands slid around the nape of his neck, massaging, rubbing, making him melt. He wasn't a virgin, had made out with guys before, but he couldn't ever remember kissing feeling so good, so amazing.

Trey leaned back a little, breathing a little quick, dark eyes almost black. "You taste good."

He nodded. "So do you. Better than anything I've ever tasted." He brought their mouths together again. "I don't want to stop kissing you."

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  1. I would love to see Grey, Raine and Whit in one of you TBT posts.

    1. If I get a chance before I leave, I will put it them in for this Thursday.