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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everyday Stories is out! (with smutty excerpt)

This collection brings together nine Sean Michael short stories that follow the everyday lives of everyone’s favorite Jarheads: Rock, Rig and Dick. Whether working in the garden, fooling around with paint, or just plain fooling around, nobody loves like these two Marines and their Nurse.

All stories previously published by Torquere Press:
Re-Sounding Love
Boys at Play
Hot and Pink
Just Perfect
Loving Away the Grumps
One Lucky Fucking Redneck
Possessor and Possessed
Rig and the Gym Bunnies
Working Late

You can get it here.

There's a smutty excerpt here from my smuterday post, and here's another one right here.

Smutty Excerpt:

Dick went through the leather costumes on the bed, trying to figure which one to try on first. Ralph had dropped them off earlier so he could find something for the Mardi Gras party they were going to next week.

And no one was home, making it the perfect opportunity.

He was half in this contraption, all straps and metal rings, when he thought he heard the door.

Nothing happened for a few minutes, then he heard something hit the floor. Rig was standing in the doorway, briefcase at his feet, blinking. "Jesus Christ. You... Oh, Pretty..."

His cheeks heated and fuck, he was too old to be getting all nervous and hot-cheeked like that, but all he was wearing was the leather separating his balls from his cock, holding both tight, and the... he supposed it was a harness, though it wasn't quite on right. He thought maybe the straps at the bottom were supposed to go around his thighs.

It really was more than a little... perverse.

Of course, when a fresh-from-work, still in his suit Rig just stumbled up to him and dropped to those skinny knees, mouth sinking over his cock?

Perverse wasn't a bad thing.

"Fuck... oh fuck." He moaned, legs spreading just a bit so he didn't topple over. Fuck, that felt good.

Rig was moaning, mouth working his prick like it had been days, those white curls bobbing furiously. He was maybe going to have to keep this one... It was his last thought before he came, Rig just Hoovering the spunk right out of him.

Rig drank him down, then kept sucking, hands tracing the leather, his skin, gray eyes hot and bright as they looked up at him.

He smiled down, fingers stroking through Rig's curls. "So you like this one?"

Rig blinked, staring up. "There's more?"

He chuckled and nodded back at the bed. "Ralph dropped off a bunch so we could try them on for that party. You're supposed to wear this under your shirt and pants, right?"

Rig laughed, mouth moving over his belly. "I reckon. There's no way Rock's letting you out of the house like this."

He snorted. "No way I'm letting me out of the house like this." He stroked Rig's cheek, traced the man's lower lip. "Of course, I might start walking around the house like this..."

"Oh, I could fucking vote for that." His fingers were drawn into that warm mouth, sucked gently.

"Me, too," he whispered, cock jerking as Rig loved on his fingers.

Rig's eyes got darker, hotter, a low sound vibrating his fingers.

"Well would you fucking look at that. It's a fucking porno, right in my own bedroom!" Rock's voice was thick, husky.

smut fixes everything


  1. OH my yes, smut definitely fixes EVERYTHING. Ugh I love these three so much! *buys ALL THE BOOKS*