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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Smuterday - Jarheads Style

9 of the Jarheads short stories will be out on Wednesday in a little anthology collection called Everyday Stories.  I thought it would be nice for them to get a turn at Smuterday.

Here they are, without further ado.

Steamy Jarheads Excerpt:

Rock kept working his nipples, mouth moving from one to the other and occasionally heading south to lick at his navel, or his hips. And all the while Dick's hand moved over him, his Pretty's breath hot on his neck as one sucking kiss after another was left there. It didn't take too long before he shot, moaning as he sprayed Dick's fingers with his spunk.

Rock's head popped up, that shit-eating grin back. "Slut."

"Uh-huh. Yours."

Dick laughed, hands sliding to cup his balls, and then to card through his pubes. "We're gonna shave you now," he whispered. "Me and Rock." There was a note of excitement in Dick's voice, hips pushing against his ass, jeans and the prick behind them rubbing.

"Hmm? What've y'all been up to?" His head was all loose on his neck, just bobbly and wobbly.

"It's the kid’s idea." Still, Rock was the one setting out the razor, making sure they had extra blades for it, finding the shaving cream.

"Been too long since we saw that tattoo," murmured Dick, fingers pushing his pubes this way and that, showing the black beneath them.

"Y'all are pervs." His cock jerked, trying to think about recovering.

Rock snorted, hand wrapping around his cock and pumping it a few times, encouraging that recovery. "We're not the ones with a tattoo'd dick."

"I was drunk. It was the Philippines. What else was I supposed to do?"

"Pine for your marines." Rock gave his cock one last stroke, winking at him. Behind him Dick was swallowing his laughter, body shaking against him.

"Pine for my..." He chuckled, shook his head. "I'll kick both your asses. You've seen the ink."

"Not in ages." Dick turned his head and took a kiss, tongue pushing deep as Dick rubbed against his ass. Rig sort of forgot anything but that kiss, especially when his Blue started touching him again, loving on him.

"Okay, let’s do this," growled Rock. "Before I decide I'd rather just have a blow job."

"No, let’s do it -- that way you get this and a blowjob, Rock."

"You're bartering with my mouth, Pretty." Not that he minded; it was a pride thing.

Dick grinned and nuzzled into his neck. "Actually, I don't remember specifying who was going to give him the blowjob. Only who was going to get it." Dick's lips wandered up to his ear and his Pretty whispered. "I'll give it to him while you fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours all bare."

Jesus, when did Dick get so good at that?

"Oh, sweet fuck."

He could feel Dick's grin against his skin.

"Are you two lovebirds about ready to move this along?" growled Rock impatiently.

Dick’s grin turned into a chuckle. "How do you want it, Rig? I could sit on the can with you in my lap."

"Perv. You'd get all hairy."

"Maybe, but I'll have a lapful of you and that's pretty good trade."

Rock rolled his eyes. "Sit. Now. Both of you."

"Bossy old man." He leaned over, took Rock's lips in a hard, hungry kiss.

Rock opened right up for him, rumbling right into his mouth. Oh, hell yes. He dove into it, just giving Rock all he had. He didn't even notice they were moving until he landed in Dick's lap, Rock's mouth still locked onto his. He got himself settled, hands sliding over Rock's shoulders, just holding on. Blue's hands slid over him, and his legs were spread, ankles hooked around his Pretty's calves.

Breaking the kiss, Rock grinned at him. "Look at you."

"You mean this skinny old cowboy?" He grinned right back, winked. Sexy fucker.

Rock frowned and looked around. "You see a skinny old cowboy here, kid?"

"Nope. Just you, me and Rig."

Rock grunted, nodded and smiled at him. "You hear that? Nobody old here."

Rig just reached up, touched Rock's face. "I hear you, Marine."

Those eyes held his for a moment and then Rock waggled his eyebrows. "All right, let’s get this show on the road. Someone's about to lose some hair."

Dick cheered and slid warm hands down to Rig's inner thighs, stroking.

"Y'all are big muscly pervs."

Rock chuckled. "Yeah, because you're not enjoying this. At all." Rock bopped his prick gently, making the hard flesh bob.

"It's just being polite, paying attention." He leaned back, Dick laughing and shaking against him.

"Polite..." Rock snorted and then laughed, too.

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  1. I love the Jarheads!!! Looks like I found my rereads for this winter... like I needed a reminder. :)

  2. Why we adore you Sean! You keep publishing ... I'll keep buying! You were my first ... so in my heart forever! Love to you from Alaska

  3. OOOH I remember this!!! Frak me I love these three! So excited for Wednesday!!!