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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Smutterday - Sand and Heat

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt from Sand and Heat!

Desert dweller Feyer has just been sold to a new Raya, or lord, and he's not thrilled about it. At least until Amut takes Feyer in hand, turning his world inside out. Feyer finally finds his place in Amut's world, though, learning to love his new master, needing to please him in all ways. Sand and Heat brings five tales of Feyer's life, and the desert sun isn't the only heat generated by these steamy stories. Amut is a sensual master with prodigious appetites, and Feyer was made to serve him. 

This classic Sean Michael will give you a meltdown with these adventurous tales!

Originally released as Taste Test: Sand and Heat by another publisher.

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Smutty Excerpt:

"I wish only to serve you, Raya."

"Do you?" Amut offered him another drink, another kiss. His head spun from the wine, from the loss of breath, from the gentle attention washing over his shattered nerves.

"Yes, Meun Amut, it is what I was made for. To fill my Raya's every need." The tears in his eyes overflowed. He ached to do his duty but every time he had tried it had only made things worse. "I don't understand."

"What do you not understand, little chadan?" Hands, warm and unbelievably strong, stroked over his shoulders, his chest, touching him, feeling him. The husky voice rolled over him, tongue licking at his tears. "All you need do is give yourself to me. I will give you all you need."

"I am yours." His tears continued to fall, Amut's care unexpected, almost shocking after the last days.

"Yes, little chadan. You are mine. Would you serve your raya or do you prefer to decorate my walls?" The rough, hot tongue lapped at his cheeks.

His body strained toward Amut's; he knew only one answer to the question, knew it with his entire being, it was who he was. "I would serve my Raya."

His response must have been appropriate, for he was rewarded with a long, deep kiss and hot hands released his wrists, allowing them to fall upon the sleek strong shoulders. He filled his raya's mouth with a sob, hands sliding over the warm flesh, shaping and re-learning the muscular contours. His shoulders ached, muscles stretched and sore, but he ignored his pains for pleasures that were offered.

Hands caught beneath his buttocks and lifted him, his world, so long still and empty, suddenly swaying and filled with the feel and taste and smell of his raya. He was laid upon soft furs, the heat of skin covering him from above. The kiss never ended.

He was drowning in sensation, drowning in his raya, and foreign as it was to him, he didn't want it to stop. His old raya had never overwhelmed him like this, never filled his senses and mind so completely.

The furs were cool and slick against him, his raya's hands rubbing him, petting him -- but not as if he were a pet, instead touching deeply, touching muscles and bones and leaving the knowledge of that hand within his veins. He arched into the touches, moved and twisted into them, searching for more.

"Do you see, little one? Do you understand what awaits you when you find your place in honor?" The words filled his head as he gasped for air. His raya slowly turned the ring in his cock, possessive fingers tracing the thin skin of his shaft.

He tried to nod, tried to answer, but only soft, keening sounds came from him.

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