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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloweenpalooza - Day 10 - Top Ten Tuesday and Contest

While I don't watch a whole lot of horror movies - because they are scary and leave me feeling unsettled (if they are done right) - I do still watch them. I am more freaked out by the spooky, eerie and psychological boos than I am gory stuff.

Tell me about your favorite horror movie in the comments for a chance to win an ebook copy of any of my paranormal stories.

Without further ado, here are my top ten horror movies:

10 - Aliens - I saw this one because it was sci-fi, but the boo factor had me on edge!
9 - Misery - How can any writer not be freaked out by a book where a fan hobbles the writer and demands he write her more? 
8 - Signs - I admit, I like M Night Shayamalan movies
7 - The Evil Dead - I found this one amusing
6 - Shaun of the Dead - combining humour with horror is one way to get me to enjoy a horror movie and this one totally does that.
5 - I, Frankenstein - another modern retelling of an old story that I really enjoyed
4 - Dracula Untold - I really liked this retelling of the Dracula story
3 - The Sixth Sense - I still remember how cool it was once I figured out the twist
2 - The Omen - I even liked the TV show that came out last year based on a grown up Damien
1 - Seven - this one freaked me out so badly, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go to the en suite bathroom on my own!

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  1. Great list. We love horror movies in our house and the worse they are the better we enjoy them. Love Shaun of the Dead!

  2. I love the Halloween movies and The sixth Sense

  3. Great list. I'm not much on horror movies with lots of gire, but I love the Alien movies.

  4. I agree you have some great movies in your list.

  5. I love Resident Evil, I do like most of your list.

  6. Not big on horror movies - I think I own all of your paranormals anyway.

  7. I don’t like horror movies, but Stephen King’s Misery would make my list.

  8. Hmmm horror movies. I was a HUGE horror movie fan until I got pregnant /o\ had horrible nightmares during pregnancy that kind of ended my horror movie love *cries* but I still love The Sceam Movies, Resident Evil, I know What You Did Last Summer, that whole genre of movies that came out around that time...The Grudge (saw that when I was pregnant...watched through my hands - it was Sarah Michelle Gellar - like I wasn't going to go see Buffy)

    OOOH someone else that liked The Omen tv show!!! Bradley James....hmmmm yes please.

    Oh and The Halloween Movies - LOVE Halloween H20 best of the sequels...

    HAHA Shaun of the Dead :D YES!!! - I still love horror movies, I'm just much choosier - I will not watch torture porn like the Saw movies - BLEEEEECH