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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sneak Peek Sunday

Today I'm doing a sneak peek of my June release - Stephen, book one of the the BOY ISO series.

Look for the cover reveal tomorrow!

The excerpt is still raw, so please excuse any errors and look for the book on June 23, pre-order coming soon!

BOY ISO book 1

Bad boy ISO someone to make me behave. Punishments welcome. Strict Daddy Dom necessary. Will consider a pair.

When Champ reads the ad on the internet, the dragon shifter is immediately intrigued and contacts the boy who wrote it. When a quick phone conversation leads to the boy sharing his address, Champ heads over, unhappy that a boy would not only leave his phone number on the internet, but then just give out his address. When he knocks on the door, he’s ready to show this boy exactly what kind of punishments he can meet out.

Stephen would like to be a boy, but he’s been burned, and badly, in the past, so he’s not in the lifestyle anymore. All that changes when he answers the door and meets Champ. It doesn’t matter that Champ was expecting to meet Stephen’s roommate Marc, the big Daddy falls for Stephen immediately and insists that while there was an initial mix-up, Stephen is the one he’s actually there for

Patience, kink, and confidence may not be enough for this Daddy to win his boy over, but add in the magic of love and dragons and it’s a whole other story.


Chapter One

Bad boy ISO someone to make me behave. Punishments welcome. Strict Daddy Dom necessary. Will consider a pair.

Champagne purred as he read the ad, his prick taking notice. Oh yes, he was a strict Daddy and this boy sounded like a wonderful diversion. 

Bernoise raised an eyebrow and grunted at him. “What’s gotten your attention?”

Champ shook his head. “Nothing.” This one was his. Berny and France could find their own bad boy to punish. 

“You know I don’t believe you.”

He shrugged as he pocketed his phone. “That’s your prerogative.” He headed out of the penthouse apartment, and only looked at his phone again once he was in the elevator on the way down.

There was a phone number with the ad, so he called it.

It took a few rings, but then he heard a curious, “Hello?”

“This is your Daddy, boy.”

“Oh, fuck me. Seriously?”

Yes, and he wasn’t going to allow cursing, and he was going to blister his boy’s ass for putting his phone number online.

“Language, boy. I’m on my way over—I need your address.” He waited for his boy to suggest meeting somewhere and not just giving a total stranger his number .

“It’s 41904 Linc Avenue, apartment 8A .”

Son of a bitch, his boy wasn’t going to sit for a week. “I’ll be there in fifteen.” He cut the call off and stepped off the elevator, pulling up his Uber app. 

His phone rang, but he didn’t answer. He was going to go get this boy and show him strict punishments.

It was ridiculous. No safeword, no names, just here’s my home address, person I don’t know from Adam. Very strict punishments.

His car arrived in a few moments and he got in, sat back, planning how he was going to start. 
His boy obviously needed the firm hand he was asking for. He would introduce himself and find out what the hell the boy was thinking.

He arrived at the building that housed his boy, still worked up over the lack of care for his own safety this boy was taking. It made him glower and grumble. He took the elevator to the fourth floor, then went right, and there he was in front of 8A. He knocked firmly.

“Hold up! I’m coming!” The door opened, and a gorgeous young man, with copper hair, one light blue eye, one dark brown, appeared. “Can I help you?”

Time stopped. It simply stopped, and the glow around this man began to  pulse, calling to him.

Growling, he stepped in, staring. “Daddy’s here, boy.” 

“I—are you looking for Marc?” 

No. No, he was looking for this boy. His boy.

“Nope. You’re my boy—Daddy’s here. I just need your safeword.” 

“My safeword?   But I don’t know you…” The boy stepped away. “I don’t think you’re looking for me. I think you’re looking for my roommate, Marc. I’m Stephen.”

He wasn’t interested in any Marc. This was his boy. “I’m looking for you, boy. I’m Champagne and you can call me Daddy. Are you telling me you don’t have a safeword?”

“I used to. Not for a long time. I’m not a player anymore.”

“No, I’m not playing. Tell me your safeword.” This wasn’t some silly boy. This was his boy. 

“Bubbles.” Stephen stood and stared at him, and he could feel energy pulling them together.

“Bubbles it is. You didn’t put in an ad online, did you?” He knew the answer was no. It made him want to snarl, that this Marc would act so dangerously and then duck out, leave Stephen alone to face the consequences. 

“An ad? For what? I’m telling you, man, you’re looking for Marc.”

“I was looking for Marc, but then I found you.” Such a lovely boy, and the glow around him warmed Champ all the way to his bones.

“You don’t even know if I do guys…” Stephen was pouring pheromones, curiosity and hunger thick on the air.

“Boy, you are screaming for me with every inch of your body.” He knew Stephen could feel the pull—it would be impossible not to.

“I don’t even know you. You just showed up here.” Stephen groaned softly, cock tenting his soft pants. “Maybe…...maybe we could have coffee?”

“I was about to suggest that. Maybe something sweet to go with it, hmm?” He wanted to lick sugar from Stephen’s lips.

“Let me get dressed. Can I meet you at the Second Cup next door? Then we can talk.”

He didn’t want to leave without his boy, but he trusted that Stephen was a boy of his word. Besides, he knew where Stephen lived. And while he’d come in loaded for a spanking to teach the advertiser a message, this was clearly not the boy in question. 

“What can I get for you?” He liked the white hot chocolate at Second Cup himself.

“Can I please have a white chocolate latte? I’ll be ten minutes, tops.”

“See you there.” He stepped back and let Stephen close the door, watching the glow of his boy until it was entirely cut off. Wow. That was… amazing. He couldn’t wait to start a relationship with his boy.
There was no doubt that this one was his. None.

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