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Friday, May 1, 2020

Random Friday

Random Friday is... random!

  • baked a second honey buttermilk loaf this week - the hooligans ate it as quickly as they had the first!
  • also baked hamberger buns yesterday
  • tried to make my no bake cherry cheesecake with a diffent pie filling as the topping - I picked up strawberry-rhubarb and raspberry pie fillings. Well, luckily I tastes the strawberry-rhubarb before putting it on. Tasted like fake strawberries, no tart from the rhubarb and I tried a rhubarb chunk, too - no flavor! I tested the raspberry before putting it on and it was better, though still not great. I used it anyway. I guess there's a reason the cherry pie filling is what's traditionally used!
  • baked brownies yesterday
  • baked chocolate chip cookies today for the son because he's wanted the chips ahoy cookies on Monday when we went shopping because he hadn't had them in forever. Now he knows why he hasn't had them in forever. Not great and apparently they didn't soak up any milk, even when he left them in it for ages. So now he has homemade ones :)
  • I discovered hot wings ruffles potato chips - picked one up out of curiosuity on Monday. I enjoy the bite of the spices as I eat them
  • doing large hotdogs for supper tonight
  • I see so far random friday has been all about food....
  • bought a new frying pan that arrived today - all of mine let everything stick to them, so hopefully this one will work better. They claim the diamond shape pattern cut intot he bottom help with browning. We shall see.
  • didn't do much crocheting this week - just a bit one evening, did add a new color to the blanket I'm doing, I'll get it a little farther on before sharing a pic
  • I did take out my adult coloring books and have been doing a bit of coloring - rainbowing everything that I've done so far
  • I have not been sleeping great so last night I took melatonin. I slept over 6 hours, so yay. I did wake up around 6:30 and had to wake the hubby up to go get me a yoghurt drink because my sugars were dangerously low and I didn't trust myself on the stairs.
  • despite the extra sleep, I am headachy today - who knows maybe because of it - I got a decent amount last night, but I'm still in a deficit overall
  • I can't believe it's May already! 
  • I also can't believe it's Friday again already.
Have a great Friday!

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