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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

If you have suggestions for top ten lists, please let me know or I'll wind up doing stuff like today's top ten favorite articles of clothing to wear

Top Ten Favorite Articles of Clothing To Wear (in no particular order)

  1. pyjamas - the softer the better, but not too warm - I love to lounge in them
  2. hoodie - again, the softer the better, I prefer 'em a little oversize and with a zipper up front.I have one I got in Texas when visiting BA and the zipper is now broken, but it's still wonderful to wear.
  3. hats - I have to wear a hat in the sun or I get sunstroke, so I have a lot. A lot. The one I wear when walking in the summer is like the one to the right only purple. But I tend to buy ball caps as souvenirs whenever I go anywhere.
  4. leggings - softer the better (sensing a theme?) and I don't like them too tight, but I prefer them to any other kind of pants
  5. t-shirt - you guessed it, I like them soft, and I hate it if the collar is small and touches my throat. I like v-necks a lot because of this.
  6. sleeveless t-shirts - soft, cool, the best thing for summer
  7. shawls - I have a couple I like for when it's cool in the house or cooler but not cold outside
  8. sweater - I don't wear one often, but in the evening in spring and fall if I'm outside, they're great - I have a jack skelington one that goes to halfway down to my knees and it's gotten softer as it's been washed.
  9. flip-flops - not the kind that separates the little toes from the big toe - I hate those, but the ones that have a strap across the top of your foot. There's these ones that are cushiony and super comfy and I wear them year round in the house (I have diabetes and have to be careful of my feet)
  10. Okay, so there isn't actually ten. Honestly, I like my clothes comfy and easy to wear and while I will wear dresses and socks and shoes and whatnot when I have to, I don't particularly enjoy wearing any of them. 

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