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Monday, May 11, 2020

Movie Monday

We were going to watch the three new Planet of the Apes moies, but it turns out none of them are available on the numerous streaming services that we have and I wasn't going to pay 14.99 for a movie that I have on blu-ray somewhere in the house. And yes, we were too lazy to go find the physical blu-rays!

Instead I'll share the three series that we binged over the last week.

Black Summer
Into the Night


Black Summer is a zombie show that is very intense. It follows about half a dozen people trying to make it from a suburb to a stadium downtown where the healthy are supposedly being airlifted out to safety. The main female hero put her daughter on a truck taking people there but wasn't able to go with her, so she's extremely motivated to get there to reunite with her girl. They pick people up along the way, and lose people along the way as well. The whole thing is like one long movie, and it's extremely intense. One episode in particular had me on the edge of my chair the entire time between the music and the situation. As always, it's the people and not the zombies who are the most horrific part of the show. If you like zombie stuff, I definitely recommend this one. And it ends in a good place, but I think there's another season coming as well.

Upload is a short series - ten episodes iirc but they are all about a half hour. It's funny and sweet and has a mystery as well. It's very easy to binge and we watched it in a couple of evenings. Lots of characters, most of whom are just a little crazy at the very least. This one does end on a cliffhanger and I really hope that they do another season! Lots of fun and I'd recommend it.

Into the Night is a Belgium production and it's intense and facinating, and the hubby who constantly bitches about shows who have science based stuff in them, was very pleased because every grumble or question he had, wound up being addressed. This is another one that feels more like a very long movie instead of episodes, so another one easy to binge - it was our weekend viewing. Very character driven and they were all very interesting and the acting was superb. The last one ends in a good place, but again totally open to another season, which I hope happens. I highly recommend this one.

Happy Monday all!
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