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Monday, May 15, 2017

My God It's Monday

And a beautiful Monday it is, too! It is sunny and warm and there is a stunning cool breeze coming in through the screen door. While it is definitely a Monday, I am definitely enjoying today's weather. As is the dog who is outside on his outside bed in the sun, sleeping.

I did manage to put together a todo list this morning and I'm working my way through it, knocking things off. I've managed to get a little writing in this morning, too. So yay for both those things.

I have a new self-pub novel in the midst of edits and cover creation. Hopefully it'll be available before the end of the month. You know what they say - April edits bring May releases ;) And like the flowers, though there were edits in April, early May was cold (busy) enough that the release isn't quite ready yet. And I think I have tortured that metaphor quite enough!

I need to pull the winner from the last contest I held, and get organized for a new batch of contests - it's Canada's 150th birthday this year and I'm going to be doing contests to celebrate over the next few months. So keep your eyes on this spot!

Okay, back to the todo list. I just hope that I manage to stay as organized for the rest of the week!

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