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Monday, May 15, 2017

Blue Jay Shifter Ficlet

There are three blue jays hanging around in my backyard, obviously two males and a female because there is mating behavior going on. This inspired me to write the following little bit of fiction.

Blue Jay Love

Jay flapped his wings and sang his song, filling his breast with as much air as he could before letting it ring out. It was no good, though. The lovely lady he’d been calling to flew off with the interloper. Chirping indignantly, he flew in through the open window, shifting as he came to a landing on the floor by the couch.

Snarling, he stomped into the kitchen for a glass of water – trying to find a mate was fucking hard work.

“Whoa, who ruffled your feathers?” asked Blu, his roommate, sitting at the little kitchen table, a bowl of cereal in front of him.

“I don’t know! It was a new guy. I all but had her eating out of my hand and promising to line my nest when this big guy – the biggest motherfucking jay I’ve ever seen – swooped in and stole her out from under me!” Jay hated mating season. If he’d been better at it, he might possibly have enjoyed it more, but the truth was, nobody wanted to mate with him, ever. And, well, he wasn't even sure that he liked girls anyway.

Blu gave him a look. “I’m not sure why you even bother trying to pick up a mate. It’s not like you want babies. Or even like girls.”

He gave Blu a startled look. “But it’s our nature. It’s what we do.” It was expected. Whether you wanted to or not.

Blu shrugged. “I don’t. The only one I want to shake my tail feathers at is you.”

Jay gasped, his cock going immediately hard – and he was still naked, so he couldn’t hide his reaction from Blu. Not that he really wanted to if Blu was being honest about the tail feather shaking thing.

“I like you, Jay. A very lot.”

Jay bobbed his head up and down. “Me, too. You. Like me. I mean you. I mean I like you too.”

Blu laughed and launched himself from his chair, pouncing Jay and pushing him up against the wall. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.”

“Three and a half years,” Jay guessed as that was how long they’d been sharing the little house they lived in.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

They stared at each other for a long moment, Blu pressed up against him, skin warm, cock hard and burning against his belly. Jay had never imagined anything could feel so good.

Jay finally blinked. “What are you going to do about it?” Was that his voice – all husky and wanton sounding?

“This.” Blu brought their mouths together, kissing him hard. His mouth opened automatically and Blu’s tongue pushed in. It slid along his own tongue and touched his teeth, the roof of his mouth. It made his belly go hard and hot, a ball of need settling there. Blu stepped back, their mouths parting and Jay leaned in, wanting that connection back. “And this.” Blu dropped to his knees and took Jay’s cock in his mouth.

Oh Great Feathered God of the Skies.

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  1. I'm never going to look at the jays in my backyard the same way again!

  2. I LOVED THIS :D *claps enthusiastically!*