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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I'm sharing my favourite candies! I shouldn't eat any of these anymore, but that doesn't stop me...

Top Ten Favourite Candies

10. Swedish Berries
9. Lemon Drops
8. Sour Patch Kids
7. Sour Keys - this is hit and miss though in that some flavors are better than others
6. Sour Wine Gums - I like the regular wine gums okay, too, but I prefer the sour ones (can you see a theme developing here?)
5. Nerds - there used to be a super sour box, but it seems to have disappeared, but I still like Nerds anyway
4. Sweettart Sours - but I only eat the purple and orange ones (I used to get the regular sweetarts too and only eat the orange and purple, but then they stopped making the orange ones!)
3. Prosecco Bears from Squish - how they manage to get them to feel like they are almost bubbling as you eat them I don't know, but they are delicious
2. Gummy Cokes from Haribo -it's got to be Haribo or it just tastes like fruit, and I have loved these since I lived in Germany when I was ten and you couldn't get them in North America.
1. Raspberry Puckers from IKEA - who knew IKEA would have such good gummies? Or that their sour ones were really nice and sour without disappearing into sickly sweet?

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  1. HA HA I don't like any of those /o\ definitely not a sour fan, but my kid is :D