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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Smutterday - Where Flows the Water

As promised, here's a smutty excerpt from Where Flows the Water.

The water flows to Quan, a mage in search of the most important thing a mage can find; his protector and life partner. Quan knows his mate is out there somewhere, even though he's beginning to despair ever finding that elusive person after all his years of needing.

Young tribesman Jael is Quan's other half, but he doesn't know it yet. Where Flows the Water explores the relationship between these two very different men as they meet and begin to build something lasting and necessary, aided by physical closeness that scorches with its intensity.

Jael resists Quan for as long as he can, wanting a normal life with a wife and children. He can only fight the winds so long, though, and eventually he comes to accept that Quan may just be his life, and his love. When the two finally get it right, they connect, and it's them against the world, which sometimes seems determined to tear them apart.

Set in a fantasy world as complex as it is interesting, Where Flows the Water showcases a place where magic is a part of the everyday world in hundreds of small ways, and where love knows few boundaries, if only the stubborn can see.

Check out this Sean Michael classic, set in the Windbrothers’ world.

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Smutty Excerpt:

"You dreamed of me when you were a boy!" Quan hugged Jael tightly. "The winds spoke to you in your dreams of me. I am honored, Jael."

"I... Yes. Yes, the winds told me, but I could not see." Jael met his eyes. "I am trying to be what you need, trying to understand and know what to do."

He cupped Jael's cheek, fingers stroking the tanned skin. "I know I am not what you were expecting or even wanted, but I am yours, Jael and I will make you happy if you give me a chance."

"You are my ki’ita. My One given by the winds. You have all the chances."

"Jael..." He leaned forward, pressing his lips gently against Jael's. Jael gasped, stilled, but didn't back away, just watched him with stunned, sparkling eyes. He held the green eyes as he moved his lips slowly against Jael's, the muscles of his belly jumping. Jael's palm pressed against his stomach, the other hand sliding over his jaw into his hair. He licked gently at Jael's lips, just the tip of his tongue teasing lightly.

"Oh..." Jael's lips parted, breath coming quick and light. He could taste sweetgrass and fresh water on his hunter's lips, the warm breath carrying the scent of the forest on it.

He pressed a little harder, lips clinging to Jael's now. Jael shuddered, pressing close and pulling back in nervous waves. He put his hand over Jael's on his stomach, pressing. "You take away my pain, Jael," he whispered against soft lips. He brought his other hand to their lips, touching his own as well as Jael's. "You make me feel so good."

"No pain, ki’ita." Jael brushed his lips against Quan's fingers. "No pain."

He looked into the green eyes. "It's more than that though, Jael. More than just no pain. Your touch..." made him hard, but would saying that frighten his skittish ki’ita?

"My touch?" Jael's hand moved gently over his stomach, massaging and arousing.

"Makes me ache for more, makes me want you. We could bring each other such pleasure, my ki’ita." 

He brought their lips together again, pressing and licking. Jael gasped again, lips parting, kiss deepening ever so slightly. Oh. Oh, his ki’ita, his hunter, Jael was kissing him back. Tears began to fall, his emotions overwhelming him. He licked the insides of Jael's lips, opened his own mouth a little more. 

Jael's fingers brushed his tears from his cheeks, soft lips leaving his to whisper, "Quan? Are you... Do you ache?"

He licked Jael's fingers, tasting the salt of his tears. "A good ache, Jael. You make me feel so good, it is almost too much."

"Should I stop?" Jael moaned, eyes focused and shining with the flame. "I will stop."

"Oh, no, Jael. Please don't stop. I said almost. Almost." He closed their lips together again, tongue dancing its way inside Jael's mouth, searching for its mate. Jael groaned, pushing into the kiss with a tentative need, tongue sliding against him own, clumsy and so sweet. His breath caught, his hand pushing Jael's tight against his belly as his hips jerked. Oh, he wanted this man. So badly. With a hunger he had never before tasted. He opened his mouth wider, teased and encouraged, trying to coax Jael's tongue into his own mouth.

Jael groaned, tongue sliding on his lips. "Ki’ita. I never... Oh, Quan."

Then Jael's tongue dipped inside his lips to taste. He was shaking like a virgin, pleasure moving through him in wave after wave. Nothing had ever made him feel like this, not even the water. Hands slid over his skin, slow and warm, trembling. The kiss deepened, Jael whimpering, gasping, body pushing close, a thick heat pushing against his thigh. He shifted, bringing their shafts together, gasping and grabbing onto Jael's shoulders and they rubbed together.

"Oh! Quan! I... I don't... I..." Jael's hands cupped his face, eyes wide as their mouths met again, tongues sliding together, wet and hot. He let one hand slide down along Jael's chest, taking their cocks in his hand and stroking them together as he moaned.  Jael jerked, pushing them over into the furs with a harsh cry. "Quan! Oh!"

Then his hunter came for him, heat splashing against his hand and belly. It was enough to send him cresting on his own wave and he cried out his hunter's name as he came. The pleasure moved along his spine, making lights sparkle behind his eyes. He could hear the cave and the water singing to one another, could feel it inside and in the way he and Jael were singing to each other now.

Jael gasped, holding him tight, shudders rocking the long body. Each sweet shudder brought out a matching one from him, as if Jael's pleasure were his own.

"I... Quan..." Jael sounded stunned, sated and just a little scared.

He reached up to bring Jael's mouth to his again, keeping the kiss soft and easy. "Oh, Jael... that was more beautiful than anything I have ever known."

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  1. One of yours I haven't read lol - off to one-click :)

    1. Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. A big fan of your work and story lines. Alternate Existence is what got me interested in smut many years ago. Love fantasy. Adore M/M. This takes me back... in a good way!

    1. nods - it's an oldie all right. Than you so much for sharing - I do love hearing about people's m/m starts