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Monday, February 29, 2016

My God It's Monday

Not only Monday but February 29! I've always loved leap year, that extra day that they slipped in to make sure we stay as close to the actual year as possible. Growing up, I always wanted my birthday to be on the 29th of February, because I thought that would be so cool. I still think it must be kind of cool.

I have two publishers with leap day sales on for today only.

Changeling Press has 15% off your order (1 time only) with the code Leap2016 applied at checkout.

Amber Quill Press has 60% off the entire store, discount is applied for you.

There's still too much on the old to do list, but I'm trying to be very zen about it.

And I'm making bread. Gotta love the breadmaker. Today's loaf is supposed to be a crusty french loaf. We shall see. I'm letting the whole thing cook in the machine rather than taking it out after the kneading portion and doing the res by hand. Sure baguettes would be nice, but I'm giving myself points just for making it at home in the first place.

The weather here continues to flip flop between well below freezing, around freezing and a little bit above freezing. So walk like the ground is trying to make you fall is the order of the day because the moment you stop paying attention is when you'll hit that hidden patch of ice and go flying!

I might have to make soup for supper to go with my crusty french loaf. I do believe I have everything I need for garlic chicken soup... Maybe some chocolate cake for dessert to go with it. Leftoevers would abound, which is always a good thing because I am essentially lazy when it comes to making food. Lazy with occasional flashes of I could make that.

I hope Monday is treating you well.

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  1. How did your bread and soup turn out? Garlic chicken soup sounds REALLY interesting! And chocolate cake is always a good thing.