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Monday, February 8, 2016

My God It's Monday - the post Coastal Magic edition

So I attended my very first con -- Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona, Florida. I was very nervous beforehand - I'm shy, I'm introverted, I've never done anything like this before, I'm not great speaking in front of a bunch of people I don't know, etc.

And I have to say -- I loved it!

Best thing of all was meeting all the wonderful people. The other writers, the bloggers, the readers. Everyone was so very nice that talking to people I'd never spoken to before was way easier than I'd expected, way easier than it usually is. I especially enjoyed meeting the readers and I'd have to say that is going to be the thing that stands out the most, the conversations with people, whether one on one or in groups.

I even managed my very first panel without too much trouble. I, of course, was on the sizzle and burn panel -- talk about jumping in with both feet. The first question was 'what's the strangest kink you've written' and I was the first to answer -- prostate milking -- I kid you not, which I then had to explain what it was. And if I can do that, I should be able to tackle any panel, eh?

Cinema Craptastique was hilarious fun (aside from the fact that the wifi sucked hard and I wound up not being able to participate in the twitter portion of it).

I enjoyed the panels I attended.

The Fistful of Rainbows Meet & Greet (complete with rainbow tailed butt plug) that I was a part of was a success and I have to say, the roomful of people we had sure knew a lot of kinks/fetishes - as BA said, these are our people!

The lunch with readers was an absolute joy.

The signing - my first - was neat and I got to talk to a lot of people there, too.

The game night after that was more of a winding down, and I got to speak to a number of people I'd met during the con.

So my first convention was a success and I'd like to go back to Coastal Magic again.

I got home yesterday evening and sat in my chair and promptly fell asleep until it was time to go up to bed! Today I'm just trying to get stuff done and get organized and make sure I answer emails and figure out what books I never promo'd and and and. Yeah. A little busy ;)

I hope Monday's being good to you!

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  1. It was great meeting you Sean. Your books are great. Sorry I got sick and couldn't hang out Sunday. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Look forward to seeing you gals more.

  2. Wow, it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm so glad you went and that it was a positive experience for you. Gives me hope you'll go to more cons and FINALLY ONE DAY I will meet you, BA, and Julia <33333