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Monday, February 15, 2016

My God It's Monday

Well, it's like Winter's been taking a nap and he just woke up. We've had a few days of deep freeze weather. Now that it's warmed up again we're expecting 20-40 centimeters of snow tomorrow!

I love it. I also love that in order to snow, the weather always has to warm back up. It's one of the great things about snow. One of like a million. Have I mentioned lately that I love snow? I totally do!

I had a lovely dinner last night. Shrimp in the appetizer, shrimp, scallops and mussels in the main. I do like my seafood so much. I had lobster and snow crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack in Florida. I love how sweet the shellfish meat tastes. And lobster meat totally tastes different depending on what part of the lobster you're eating.

My only issue with lobster and crab is that I hate fighting to get to my food. Crab legs especially by the time you've got any meat out, it's not longer that warm (which dipping it into a hot garlic butter will help with, admittedly). And I had three wounds on my hands from fighting the lobster and crab that evening. However, it was succulent and delicious no matter how hard I had to fight it.

So yeah, seafood is yum. A nice rare filet mignon (beef tenderloin) is also yum. Nicely seasoned and soft enough that even my fork goes through it like butter. Guh. Of course, I love a good hamburger, too. I'm definitely a meat-a-tarian. 

I'm thinking I'm going to have Chinese food tonight. I do love a good eggroll, some General Tso's chicken. Lemon chicken. Chicken fried rice. Beef with Broccoli... okay, let's face it, I like food.

So this week I have edits back from two different publishers. I have submissions to send in to two other publishers. And I'm still working on getting the Hammer books back up on Amazon and All Romance Ebooks. Then there's the webpage which needs rebuilding. There's the two stories due in at the end of the month, the new self-pub I want to get to my editor by the end of the month, the other half dozen stories that are started and demanding attention, another half dozen chomping at the bit to be started... okay, so it's going to be a pretty busy week!

Mondays are always the days of ohmygodthereisfivemillionthingstodothisweekyoudbeettergetstartedwiththepanickingnowohmygod.

So I guess it's a good thing I got started on that.

I wish you all a fantastic week, no matter how your Monday started.

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  1. OMG all your food talk!!! I love all the same things. But srsly, I remember getting Maine Lobster tail when I was younger and it was so sweet and tender and now you can't really GET Maine lobster unless you're IN Maine and the cold-water lobster just isn't the same :/ Florida lobster is AMAZING tho as well.

    I agree, I hate having to work for my dinner...


    CHINESE FOOD...we need a good Chinese place here *sigh*

    Good luck with your To Do list