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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Movie Tuesday

On Sunday I went to see Deadpool. I had not seen any of the previews for it and I was not familiar with the comic books/lore, so I went in completely unspoiled and not quite sure what to expect. I wanted to see it because it's a marvel movie and I enjoy those on the whole, so I figured there was a good bet I'd like this one.

I loved it! From the opening credits which were hilarious and original (Written by: The Tue Heroes Here and I have to totally agree with that - the writing on this one was fantastic.)

The story telling was stellar. So many of the origin movies for the superhero/comic books are a little slow, a little boring. The real fun of the stories start after the beginning. This movie stopped that from happening by having a series of flashbacks, which totally worked because of Deadpool's penchant for breaking the fourth wall, like all the time. (and I understand he does this all the time in the comic books too).

It was part action movie, part love story and all snark. It totally earned it's adult rating on the situations and innuendo which it was full of. And it was nice to see a movie that didn't feel like it had been 'sanitized'. I am looking forward to the next one.

Then later in the afternoon I saw The Last Witch Hunter, which I didn't expect much of seeing as it had been in the theatres about two and a half minutes. But it had Vin Diesel in it and I'll put up with a lot for that.

It wasn't bad. It was no Deadpool, but it was entertaining and kept my interest throughout. And Vin Diesel had hair! On top of his head and a long beard and mustache! Not through the entire movie thank God, because wow, did he look strange. The bald head? Hot. Hairy head? Not so much.

So it was a good movie weekend!

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  1. I think I might go see Deadpool tomorrow...depending on how I feel. It might be a reward, we shall see.

    And The Last Witch Hunter...Vin Diesel...enough said...but yes so much better bald *happy sigh*