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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Anything for a Byline

I'm going to be self-publishing all the Velvet Glove books. And yes, I hope to get some new stories up as well :)

The first one I'm re-releasing is Anything for a Byline, which is a good primer for the club as Nat is figuring everything out from scratch.

Anything for a Byline

Nat has paid his dues and just needs his first by-line to break into the journalism business. It’s gotten to the point where he isn’t too fussy about what magazine or newspaper that by-line is in either.
When his friend and old newshound Al arranges an interview for him at the Velvet Glove, a private BDSM club, Nat figures all he has to do is show up, do the interview and write his story. Hell, these clubs are all for show anyway and nobody really whips people for fun, right?

His first indication that he might be mistaken is the serious, tall and more than a little scary dude who welcomes him into the club, the second is the extensive list of kinks he’s asked to choose from. When he meets the man who’s going to interview him and finds out that the interview is actually a scene, with him playing whipping boy, Nat realizes he may be in over his head.

Join Nat on his fascinating journey into the life of a full-time sub in this story set in Sean Michael’s Velvet Glove universe.

Originally published by Torquere Press.

All Romance Ebooks

Smutty excerpt:

It's been a long month and I've been a growly bastard for most of it. I didn't even notice it at first.

It was when I realized the subs were giving me the big wary eyes they usually reserved for Mal and that the biggest pain sluts were signing up for time with me that I figured it out.

I hate waiting and someone is making me wait. That's what it boils down to.

It's been just over a month since the innocent, green-eyed kid walked in asking for an interview. Mal pegged him as a reporter right away, got the kid to sign an interview consent form, which automatically protected the club -- there was an air tight non-disclosure clause on that puppy -- and called me in to give the kid as intense a scene as I could.

Which I did.

I'm fucking good at my job. By the end of the scene he was in tears and clinging to me, thanking me, something deep inside him opened to the light.

Of course him being so affected doesn't explain why I've been dreaming of black leather around a pale-skinned cock dark with blood and framed by bright, fiery curls.

The thing is... when a sub opens to you like that, especially a newly discovered sub? It touches you, too. You can't pull that kind of emotion out of someone without putting your own emotion in.
As I held him that day, something inside me slipped.

My objectivity.

I have never become emotionally involved with a sub before. It's one of the reasons I'll have sex with them. It never crosses the line.

It crossed the line that night.

I don't even know why, except that he touched me, perhaps as much as I touched him. Perhaps more as I am still affected by him and it has been over a month, while he has gone on with his life.

I lace up my leather pants and braid my hair, going shirtless as is my custom. I haven't had a holiday in a number of years -- enjoying my job here at the Glove to the fullest and not needing or wanting one. I think though, I need to take some time. To find my center and control. I have made each of the subs I worked with this week safeword.

The lift carries me quietly and efficiently down to the training salle where I have a brief appointment with Mal. The salle's dead quiet, Mal sitting on the edge of the main desk, leg swinging. "You're late. The boss wants me. Now. So, what's your problem? You've been evil."

I chuckle. "Oh, I don't know about evil. But I haven't been myself, I'll grant you that. I was thinking a week off might do me some good. Help me find my center again."

One white eyebrow goes up. "A whole week? Hmmm... I could possibly arrange that. Assuming, of course, that you deal with the workerbee waiting in the back. Herc needs me and he's more your type than mine."

I frown. "A workerbee? If he's not a client he can just wait until a top wants him. I don't want to frighten anymore workerbees this week, Mal."

"It's not negotiable, Rich. He's new and I'm not convinced he belongs on the main floor and Herc's waiting. You want a week off? It starts in the morning."

I sigh. I can't refuse. I just hope I can keep from pushing the workerbee too far. "All right, Mal, I'll do it. And I'll try not to push him into safewording."

I take a deep breath, trying to get my head into a good place.

Mal reaches out, pats my cheek. "Good. Thank you. Have fun. He's waiting in the red room. Comm me in the morning."

Then? Poof. The son of a bitch is out the door.

I check my hair and take a few more deep breaths, pushing Nat from my mind. This new boy needs me, needs my attention to be full, my focus to be him. I head for the red room. Mal's got the kid naked, bound against the wall, shivering and limp and pale and...


White pale.

With red hair and green eyes and a happy little cry as I walk in.

I swallow my own cry with an effort.

He came back.

"Well, well, look who came back."

The light fades a little in those pretty eyes as they drop to the floor, but he doesn't pull away, if anything he's arched toward me, trying to reach me.

"Congratulations on getting the job." I walk right up to him and let one hand touch, sliding along his stretched side, warming the cool skin.

"Th...thank you. I... Thank you." He leans into the touch, shivering a little, those pretty nipples going tight.

I hold back my purr, needing to start slow, needing to keep myself from forgetting that he's here to learn, I'm here to teach him. He's not mine to fuck blind. Not yet, anyway. I don't even know if he wants...

"What do you want?"

Those eyes slowly lift up to mine, scared and shy. "I... I can't stop thinking about you."

I do purr this time, a reward for his honesty. He's lovely, his innocence still shining despite what we have done.

"What do you think about me?" I ask, fingers no longer able to stay away from the tight little nubs that are just begging for my touch.

"Y...your kisses. How... How I felt after... after you..." The words are gasped, broken by my fingers pulling those nipples. "I wore your marks."

"How did you feel after, wearing my marks?" I will leave more, cover him with my need.

"Special." Nat shakes his head, eyes closing. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know it's a job. I just. I didn't think. I didn't know. I had to come back."

"You had no guarantee it would be me again." I slide my hand down, wrap it around his hard cock, pumping gently, thumb brushing across the tip, rewarding him again for his honesty.

"I had to take the chance. I dream about you." Nat arches for me, offering me everything and it's addictive, arousing.

I slide my hand down lower, cupping the balls that have been tightly bound. A flare of jealousy goes through me, that Mal has touched him, fingers stroking his sweet prick to hardness to bind it up tight.

"Tell me your dream." I could make it come true.

"Oh... Oh, I..." Those eyes squeeze shut, face going bright red. "I was yours and you touched me everywhere, knew me everywhere. M...marked me."

I lean in, lips close to his ear as I whisper, "And you came here, looking for me, wanting me to mark you, to know you inside and out."

A soft sob sounds, Nat nodding, heat pouring from him. "Yes."

"So brave, Nat." I lick at his earlobe. "Penguin, right?"

"Yes, sir. P...penguin." Nat shivers, head tilting for me.

"Use it if you have to." I nibble at his jaw, teeth threatening, trying to decide where I will mark him first.

"I... Okay. Yes. Okay." Nat's breath comes quick, heart pounding against me.

"Good boy." I decide on the place where his jaw and neck meet, just by his ear. I lick it first and then suck gently before letting my teeth sink into his skin.

"Oh..." The low cry is sweet, Nat arching for me. I run my hands down his back, letting my fingernails slide against his skin. So responsive. So scared. So needy.

All mine.

My hands cup his ass and lift him from his feet as I drag my teeth down along his neck to his shoulder.

"Oh..." Another cry, another leap from that hard cock and Nat's hands twist in the bonds.

"Did he fill you?" I ask, another surge of jealousy going through me at the thought. No other will touch him again. Not without my permission.

"No. No. He...he said he'd leave that for you." Nat looks over at me, eyes needy, desperate.

"And you want to be filled, don't you, Nat? Need it, even."

"I..." Oh, that blush is amazing, I feel it in my balls.

"Answer the question, Nat." Before I flip you around and nail you to the wall.

"I..." Nat swallows hard, nods. "Yes."

I lick his lips and then reluctantly step away, heading for the cupboard where the toys are. Those green eyes watch me, watch every single step, Nat panting for me, cock hard and throbbing for me. My own cock is hard, pushing at my leathers. I want him. Forty years old and I want this pup. More than anything I've ever wanted before.

He’s so pretty, hanging there, black leather making that pale skin glow. All mine.

I find a string of beads, the first ones small, each one that follows larger than the last.


I loop them around my neck and grab a tube of slick, eyes on my beauty as I return to him. Nat flushes, eyes on the beads, on my chest, down to my cock.

"I'm going to take you down from the wall and bend you over the table. Fill you with the beads and then let you service me." I wait until I'm right in front of him and smile. "What do you think about that?"

"I... I don't want to think. I just want to feel."

"Mmm. Such a smart boy." I take his mouth with mine, pushing my tongue in. Oh, yes. Open, wanton, needing. The kiss is sharp, sweet, hungry. I unhook his hands from the wall as we kiss, leaving them cuffed together. I slowly back us up toward the table, tugging him along by his joined hands. I can't wait to spread him open, fill him up. He's warm against me, almost hot as he follows, cock tapping against my belly.

It makes my own throb and as we get to the table I force him onto his knees. I unlace my pants, letting my prick push out toward his lips. "Me first."

"Oh. Yes." Those pretty lips wrap around my cock and, fuck, he's eager for it, sucking hard, eyes shining. I know he’s inoculated now that he’s working for the club, know Mal will have explained I am, too. We don’t use condoms if we don’t have to.

I purr, hand sliding into those bright curls. I remember this, remember the eager, inexpert way he sucks. I let him have his head to start with, let him do as he will. His tongue slides over the tip, pressing, sending a little jolt along my spine. He's learned a thing or two since he was last here and I wonder if he did that for me and how he did it -- did he just research it on the global net or did he get hands on experience? I know which one I want it to be and my own need to have him pure, untouched, mine alone surprises me, excites me.

My hand tightens on his head, my hips starting to move. He moans for me, eyes closing, wrists twisting in the bonds.

"That's it. Feel me. Suck me." I move faster, sliding the tip of my cock to the back of his throat.

He gags a little, jerking, trying to take it all, trying to take me. I pull out and slide back in more slowly, giving him time to adjust. He's doing so well, I want to encourage him. He's going to be so good at this one day.

“Oh, that's it. That's a good lad, relax for me, moan for me.” The sound settles in my balls and I move a little faster, push a little harder, letting him take me in deep. Those pretty eyes open for me, watching, fucking clinging to me. Needing me.

My free hand strokes his cheek. "Nat..." I murmur his name as I speed my thrusts, expanding my pleasure, taking his mouth.

It's the hum, the happy little purr that travels up my cock that sends me flying. I force my eyes to stay open, watching him as my seed fills his mouth. He swallows hard, a bit escaping, sliding down his face.

Humming low, I wipe the come from his chin and bring it to my mouth, tasting what he's tasting as I let my prick slide from his mouth. Nat whimpers, licking those swollen lips, eyes wide. "That was nice -- you've been practicing or something..."

Those eyes go wide. "I... I... No. Not with a person. With a ratoa tuber. I... I didn't want you to send me away."

"A tuber? Oh, Nat..." I rumble, the sound vibrating inside me, pleasure going through me. "You've done very well. Time for your reward." I pull him up, bring our mouths together in a quick, hard kiss and then I bend him over the table, bound hands up over his head. "You're going to love the beads."


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  1. Did you add or change it? This was one of the first of your books that I read after the Jarheads. I never liked fantasy before this and it got me hooked. I miss the Velvet Glove.

    1. No, this is a straight re-release, if you already have it, then you have it :)

      So glad you liked it so much!

    2. I loved it and would tell any of your fans that don't have to run and get it. Great intro to the Velvet Glove world that is really worth spending time in.

    3. Love the Velvet Glove series right beside the Jarheads! Always want more of the Glove!! Have all of the ones published. Got any hidden away? hee hee

    4. I do have a few hidden away and I'm hoping to write some new stuff for the resurrection series as well :)

  2. OOH I remember this one, I loved it! Guess it's time for a reread :D

  3. I can't wait for the re-released Velvet Glove books since I know I've missed some. Will they be released in the order they were originally published?

    1. I'm going to try to release them in the order they follow the storyline, for instance anything for a byline makes sense as the first one as it's a good set-up of the club for readers.

  4. Cool - it will be easy to find what I missed that way. Any other re-releases?