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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smutty Valentine - Day 14

Trey and Lucien round out smutty valentine. They're from Size Matters and Love Matters.

Smutty Valentine - Day 14

Trey had been mid-book their first two Valentine's Days together, but Lucien had sent roses nonetheless, knowing that while Trey wouldn't be able to see them, he would be able to smell them.

The little heart shaped plug he'd bought the first year was still in its package, as was the one he'd bought last year which was three hearts one on top of the other, smaller at the top, bigger at the bottom, with a little heart shaped jewel on the base.

This year was going to be different. Trey had texted right at the end of January that he was nearly done with Night Terrors, so when Trey's call came in on the afternoon of February 13, Lucien was ready.

He arrived promptly an hour later at Trey's door with the two plugs, now washed, wrapped in silk and ready for play, a bouquet of roses, and a box of chocolates. He had to ring the doorbell with his elbow.

Trey's happy chuckle heralded the door opening. "Right on time."

"You're lucky it was me."

"I am."

"Happy Valentine's Day weekend." He put the flowers in Trey's arm and stole a kiss, right there on the doorstep.

"Mmm. Roses. My favorite." Trey arched up, belly sliding against his. "Flower. My favorite flower."

Lucien chuckled. "I figured you liked me better than flowers." He pressed another kiss onto Trey's lips, then moved them into the hall so he could close the door. "Let me put those in water for you and you can check out my... package."

He couldn't wait to see his lover's face when he discovered the plugs.

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