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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Smutterday - SWAK: Boy

The next SWAK book will be out on March 4 so I thought it would make a great book to feature today's smutty excerpt from.

Greg is a stud. He’s a solid guy, a police detective and has a wonderful lover, Brody. He is nobody’s boy.

Some cases are harder to let go of than others though, and when Greg has days where he can’t leave the bad stuff at work, Brody turns into Master Brody and gives Greg exactly what he needs to find peace.

Fight it as he might every time he comes home to find a note telling him to assume the position, Greg needs his Master to step up and prove just how much Brody’s boy Greg really is.

smutty excerpt

“I’m gonna show you exactly what it means to be my boy.”

Like I don’t know. I groan, protesting half-heartedly.

“First I’m going to let you suck my cock. I’m going to fuck your face until I come down your throat.”
I nip his fingers and he grabs my short hair, pulls my head back. “Don’t make me get the open-mouthed gag out, boy. Neither one of us want that.”

No. No, I don’t. I want to suck.

“That’s what I thought,” he says, like he heard my thoughts.

Sometimes I think he can. When he’s like this, when he’s willing to fight for my submission, I’m sure he can.

I can feel him circling me, walking around my body and that touch-gaze is right there, sliding on my skin. My muscles start to tense, my jaw clenching. I’m going to just get up, get my clothes, go to a bar and drink.

Then the tip of his cock brushes against my lips, leaving them wet. I open for him immediately. Desperately.

“Beg me for it. Boy.”

“Fuck you.” I know I’m not supposed to swear, but I don’t fucking beg.

“No, boy. I’m going to fuck you. Eventually.” The head of his cock brushes past my lips again before pulling away. “Now beg for my cock,” he demands in a hard, no-nonsense voice.

His hand is in my hair, pulling hard enough to make my fucking eyes water. The air is heavy with tension and it deepens as we battle our wills.

“Cops don’t beg,” I tell him from between clenched teeth.

“You’re not a cop here.”

I’m always a cop.

“Here you’re my boy.” He touches his erection to my lips once more, leaving heat and the scent of his pre-cum on them. “Last chance.”

My tongue flicks out, and the flavors of salt and male are perfect. “I hate you. I hate that I need you so much. That I need your cock. Please.”

“There you go. That wasn’t so hard, was it, boy?” His cock is on my lips again, pressing a little harder this time, letting me really feel the silkiness of him.

God, yes. Yes, it was near fucking unbearable. I open up and pull him in, my eyes searching for him, even with the blindfold. His cock slides on my tongue, pre-cum dripping, burning his flavor into me.

I surge forward and take him, sucking hard, refusing to give up my prize. Groaning, he lets me have his head for a moment. Then he drags his prick back along my tongue and it makes a loud popping noise as it leaves my lips.

I whine softly, breaking my stance to reach for him.

smut fixes everything


  1. Can't wait for March to blow in! On my list TBR!!

  2. So freaking can't wait for this book! You just tease us so freaking much. Another book to be added to my tbr pile. Sigh

    1. teasing is part of my job, right? I hope you like the book!

  3. Love the SWAK series...and this looks like another winner! Thanks!

    1. I'm so glad you like the series, Jana, and I hope you like this one, too!