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Monday, February 23, 2015

My God It's Monday

Or how I feel this morning: Good grief it's already Monday again!

Today's Monday post shall be random things.

The Moon is now out at All Romance Ebooks. Hot M/M werewolf action!

Cupcakes is now available as an audiobook! That's pretty damn cool :)

I had 50 million things to do this weekend and I did.... I'm not sure I crossed anything off the todo list, actually. I do believe I'm now looking into witness protection to stay hidden from said todo list...

Speaking of to do, I picked up this awesome sticky note pad that is shaped like R2D2 and has as its header: R2D2 2Do. It is far too small to hold any real person's todos, but I still like it.

We had a couple of amazingly warm days (and by that I mean Saturday was -9C before the windchill and Sunday was -3C.) Seriously, I almost broke out the shorts on Sunday it was that nice. Today is back in the deep freeze with temps at -22C before the windchill.

I've had a hankering for a pappas bowl, but will have to wait for months and months and months before that's going to happen. However, I do get to see BA and Julia - in person! - next week!

I did watch the Oscars - this morning. It took me about forty-five minutes and judicious use of the fast forward button on my remote. I get annoyed when they rush the 'unknowns' off the stage during the thank yous, but let the celebs go on. They know it's going to run late, just let folks have a bit more time before they get the bum rush.

I talked up winter and a few of my latest releases over on the TRS Studio Blog today.

Guarding January is out on March 9 - I'm going to have to put a new background cover up for it soon... maybe I'll even do that before March 9 just for some variety... hmm...

Okay, I need to sneak a peek at the todo list and actually get something done from it, so here endeth the random.

smut fixes everything


  1. Love the note pad name! You have to be sober to or write that one! To do lists are just that ... to do ... no time frame or pressure ... otherwise it would say ... to do NOW!!!! Hope your Monday was good!

    1. heee -- well, most of my lists should probably read to do NOW

  2. lOLL OMG witness protection...can I join you? I hate my TO DO LIST /o\

    GAH that note pad is AWESOME - I am so jealous.

    *sigh* so much colder than us, but DAMN we're not used to the cold we're getting.

    Why do you have to wait for a Pappas bowl? And YAY for BA and Julia time :D

    We never watch the Oscars LOL but your plan sounds like a good way :D

    Oooh a new background cover? and YAY for a new release :D

    Hope your todo list got shorter :D

  3. I have to wait on the pappas bowl because I get them at the Wecks when I visit BA and Julia at thanksgiving - it's the only place I've ever seen them.

    The to do list never really gets shorter...