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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Smutty Valentine - Day 1

First up are Whip and Nick from The Biker's Pup.

Smutty Valentine - Day 1

Whip worked second shift on Valentine's Day, so Nick had until midnight really to make his lover supper. He was being simple -- steaks and baked potatoes and something green.

There had been a cake.


It was... Yeah. Wow.

They'd have ice cream with chocolate chips.

It was their first Valentine's Day together and he wanted everything to be special.

He started the potatoes and dug around for some lettuce. Salad was a vegetable, right? Right. He got that started.

It wasn't long after that when he heard the front door open and close. "Nicki? You still up?"

"Yes, Sir." He checked the steak, the potatoes. "In the kitchen."

"Oh, it smells great in here." Whip came into the room, carrying a bag with him. Putting the bag down first, Whip grabbed him up and held him tight, mouth dropping onto his.

"Oh." Oh, happy Valentine's Day to him.

"I have Valentine's day leathers for you," Whip told him. "Tight new pants that you're going to look so hot in." Whip sat him on the counter and stepped between his legs. "This is more important, though."

"Leathers?" He blinked. "I only, I just made you supper."

"That sounds wonderful. I only bought you something -- you've made me something. Far more romantic." Whip rubbed them together.

He did love that, how Whip knew just how to make him feel good.

"Your meal can wait for our orgasms?" Whip asked.

"You should have your steak. It's like you like it."

"Then we'll have steaks first and orgasms later." Whip picked him up and carried him to the stove. "I love that I have you to spend Valentine's Day with this year."

"Yes, Sir. Yes. It's the best one ever." Because he was home.

"For me, too, pup. For me, too."

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