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Monday, February 2, 2015

Smutty Valentine - Day 2

Today we have the men (and family) of And Manny Makes Seven.

Smutty Valentine - Day 2

"Adam! Adam, he's late!" Bri was in tears, her makeup running. "He was supposed to pick me up at six for supper out and he's... He's not even answering his texts."

Hutch had warned Adam that he didn't like the cut of Bri's new guy's jib. Damn it. Hutch was expert at reading people. Adam just wished he'd been wrong this time.

Hutch came out of the kitchen, with a handful of sweetheart roses, which he handed over to Bri.

"The Littles and I were hoping you'd be our valentine, Bri."

She looked at Hutch, eyes wet. "He stood me up."

"That's because he's an idiot and not the man for you." Hutch opened his arms and she went running into them.

Hutch mouthed at him, over Bri's shoulder. "I'm going to kill him."

"Only if you get him first," he mouthed back. Thank god they'd make enough supper for extra and there were cupcakes for all.

Darla came out of the kitchen. "Lizzie made chocolate hearts! You have to come see, Bri." She tugged on Bri's dress, eyes shining.

"Go on," Hutch said, patting her back. "We'll show you a good time, I promise."

"Yeah. Yeah, I guess." She turned to Darla. "Are they good?"

"Some of them are lopsided, but Hut says we have to be nice because they'll still taste good and she's only little."

Hutch grinned at him. "It's all true." Then his fiancé came over to him. "As is the fact that your Valentine's Day gift is in the bedroom, safely hidden from prying eyes."

"I can't wait."

"Let me give you a preview while the kids are all occupied."

Hutch kissed him, arms wrapping around him. Adam opened up, hummed softly. Oh, hell yes.

"Addie Lou! Bri's yelling at her phone!"

Adam wanted to hurt someone. "That boy deserves every scream he gets and more. Breaking our girl's heart on Valentine's Day."

"You know it. Go get your little sisters, Darla. Let's draw valentine's cards." Hutch took his hand and they followed Darla into the kitchen.

Maybe it wasn't a conventional Valentine's Day, but it was being spent with all the people he loved and he wouldn't change that.

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  1. I love your mannies series and it's great to see Adam and Hutch again thanks

  2. Awwww - Can I get in line to kick that kid's butt? Poor Bri :((( Loved seeing Adam and Hutch again :D

    1. you sure can, Adam and Hutch will take all the help they can get ;)


  3. I love this series! Kid does need his butt kicked!

  4. Love this story! Thanks for more of Adam, Hutch and the gang!

  5. Reminiscent of raising 3 girls ... you got it right ... get even with the kid & take care of the bruised heart. Revenge pot always simmering on low ... hee hee