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Friday, October 10, 2014

what I'm currently working on

I've got a few windows open, as is my wont.

I'm wrapping up a Christmas story about an elf who runs away from the North Pole and the enforcer elf who is sent after him.

He usually got annoyed when they ran, but Power found he didn't care this time. In fact the chase had a thrill to it.

After all, he had that tight little arse to hunt.

I've got a werewolf story going. In this one a guy is unknowingly bitten and a sweet beta wolf is sent to teach him what it means to be a werewolf.

This guy was going to drive Hamm crazy. He could tell. He growled deep in his chest, but the kid just bounced along. 

He shook his head. When he was feeling better, he'd show Danny who was boss. Whoa. When he was feeling better, Danny was going to be in his rear-view mirror, right? 

Right. He was not into long-haired twinks.

And also in the werewolf category is another story where a guy runs away from trouble, only to run smack into a loner Alpha.

Ulf held Max down, grooming the pup with firm, steady strokes. Surely his pup knew about grooming. Understood what it meant.

Their scents mingled, and he sang with pleasure. Good pup. This felt good, right. Ulf was surprised. He'd been a loner for so long and didn't believe there was anyone for him.

Why the moon would send him a wee grey, he wasn't sure. But there was no denying the wolf was here now. Or that he felt this one was entirely his. Only foolish wolves argued with the moon. And he wasn't foolish.

Also open on my desktop is the next mannies book.

Hutch climbed the front steps, noting that the lawn was in need of a mow, and rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it!"

"No! Me!"

"It's my turn, Lizzie!"

"Little kids can't open the doors!"

"I'm not little!"

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Oh, shut up, you FREAKS!"

A teenaged girl with too much make up and her phone in one hand, yanked the door open, knocking one of the little ones down on her butt. "What do you want? Adam's busy."

And lastly, these turds who don't have a deadline or a home, but who showed up and are insisting on being loud despite all that...

Lance was about to get up and leave when three guys walked into the coffee shop.

Oh God. They were stunning. A big, black man, a small platinum blond, super-tanned twink and the most beautiful man he'd ever fucking seen. 

Oh, please be here for me, he thought. Pretty please.

The beautiful one with the dark eyes looked over at him, and smiled, headed his way. "Lance Packet?"

Oh, fucking A. Yes. "I am." He stood up, held out his hand. "Please to meet you."

"Tide. The same. This is Ty and Bryan." Tide's hand was big, swallowing his up in the most amazing grip.

"Tide." Whoa. These guys were stunning and he was... so totally not.

And that's what's happening here this Friday!

smut fixes everything


  1. You keep making my "want to read" list get longer and longer. I love it. Have a wonderful Saturday.

  2. Please to be writing faster - I can't even tell you which one I want first because the answer would be ALL OF THEM :D