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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Smuterday - SWAK: Service

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at SWAK: Service this Smuterday.

This is the second time around for Master Simeon and Derek. The two men broke up a couple of months ago, but they just couldn’t entirely let go of each other.

Knowing there’s a strong connection between them, Simeon suggests a long weekend for them to try again - Four days, full on submission, exploring Derek’s need for service to be a large part of their relationship.

Can they make it work this time? Or will Monday evening find them going their separate ways once again?

Look for this on Wednesday at Resplendence Publishing.

Smutty excerpt:

I take his mouth, start us off with a deep, hungry kiss. His lips open, easy as anything, beautiful and eager. I play with his tongue, sliding mine along it, tangling them together. I love how he tastes, how he feels. I know I’m going to love how he serves.

That thought combined with what we’re doing makes me think of him servicing me in a very sexy manner and I groan, my cock pushing at my jeans. I want his mouth around me. I want his focus, his energy. Him.

I keep kissing him, wanting him breathless before we’re done. He presses close, almost rubbing against me. I don’t let him, though. He hadn’t earned his orgasm yet.

“I want your mouth,” I tell him, my lips moving against his as I speak.

He immediately drops to his knees, fingers opening my jeans. Groaning, I spread my legs wider, my hands dropping to cup his head. He’s a born cock sucker, and he’s gratifyingly eager, getting my cock out and getting me wet immediately.

He always makes me feel like he’d rather be sucking my cock than having his own sucked, which is an amazing feat, and this time is no different.

I moan as he begins to work my tip and his hums wrap around my prick. The vibrations go straight through my cock.

I spread my legs wider, giving him more room, needing him to take all of me. He grabs my thighs, balancing himself as his head bobs over my prick. I watch, utterly fascinated by the way my cock slides in and out of his mouth, wet with his saliva.

“Such a good boy. Making me fly.”

I can feel every slide of his tongue in my balls, like there’s a string between them.

He then takes me down to the root, swallowing around me convulsively.

“Derek!” I shout out his name, my hips snapping forward in surprise by the sudden move.

He’s squeezing me, pulling my cock into that sweet throat.

“Soon.” I warn him because I’ve gone from zero to sixty so fast.

His answer is to swallow again. And again. And once more.

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