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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Smuterday - Living the Dream

Today I have a steamy snippet from Living the Dream, which comes out tomorrow at Amber Allure.

Wentworth “Went" Dawson, young CEO and owner of Dawson Dynamics, is on an enforced vacation after suffering a mild heart attack. He has a list of foods he shouldn’t eat and a prescription for downtime, which is why he’s at Lake Tahoe, California, sitting in the hotel restaurant working on his laptop.

Chip knows all about life in the fast lane and heart attacks, the very reasons he sold his dot-com company six years ago and is now experiencing his own personal joy in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. Putting in a shift at the restaurant for spending money, he’s immediately attracted to the man with the laptop, and a little flirting proves that Went is interested also.

Will Went and Chip simply have a quick vacation fling, or is there more between them than meets the eye?

Steamy Smuterday Excerpt:

Chuckling, he followed that ass in, glancing around as the door shut behind him. God, look at this place. It was all windows in the back, looking over a huge deck with a hot tub. The ceramic tile looked like brick, warm and red, and all the furniture was dark. There were dozens and dozens of weird little knickknacks everywhere—tiki heads on the floor, shells and crystals and books on shelves, masks hanging from the wall.

“You do a lot of traveling?”

“Sure, when the urge strikes. I love to go and do and see.”

“You’re fascinating.” All Went ever did was work. Of course, he wasn’t working right now, was he? He stepped up into Chip’s personal space.

It didn’t intimidate Chip at all. “I’m horny. Touch me.”

“Uh-huh.” Reaching out, he wrapped a hand around the back of Chip’s head, tilting it as his mouth lowered to meet Chip’s. Chip pressed right into him, the little hard body rocking like Chip was riding a horse.

Went devoured Chip’s mouth, taking one kiss, and then another. Fuck, Chip tasted like the outdoors, like fresh air and fucking sunshine.

Went never did this. Never picked someone up and just took what he needed. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time it had been anything but his own hand. He rubbed against Chip, the need suddenly riding him hard.

Chip promised that he wasn’t going to be jacking off this time. The man stripped his shirt out of his jeans, opened his belt.

“Oh, fuck.” He tugged Chip’s white shirt out of his black slacks, fingers finding skin. Smooth, hot, perfect—he slid his fingers up along Chip’s belly. “God, you’re ripped.” The most amazing belly ever.

“Like to move.” That case—because calling it a six-pack would be a lie—rippled.

“Damn. I could rub against your abs all day long.” Skin on skin. He needed it.

“That sounds fun.” Chip stripped his shirt off, then started working on Went’s.

His pants, unbelted, began to slip down his hips. His needy prick was going to need to be extricated, though. Chip ran his fingers up along Went’s chest, pinching and stroking and petting along the way. No one had paid him so much attention sexually since Freddie. He’d convinced himself he didn’t miss it. He’d been so damn wrong.

Moaning, he brought their mouths back together again, pushing into the touches as they kissed. Chip grunted softly, tongue-fucking his lips. Opening wide, he enjoyed the kisses while he tried to get his fucking slacks and underwear down past his hard prick. His cock needed pressure, contact. Touch.

“Please.” He was all caught up.

“Sure, beautiful” One hand slid over his trapped prick, then pushed against it, giving him pressure.
Eyes closing, he groaned, humping.

“Yeah… Just like that.”

“Skin,” Went begged. He didn’t want to come in his skivvies.

“Uh-huh. Skin. Cocks. Mouths. Now.”

“Fuck yes.” He could get with that program.

They finally got his cock untangled from his boxers and they and his slacks were soon down around his ankles, his prick eagerly pushing toward Chip. Chip grabbed him, fist tight as his cockhead appeared and disappeared in the grip. He swallowed hard, his balls drawing up against his body. Oh God.

He managed to bark out a warning. “Gonna. Soon.”

“Round one. Two is better.”

Okay, yeah, he could go with that. Hell, he wasn’t going to have much choice. Holding onto Chip, he felt things build quickly enough to steal his breath. Chip dragged one thumb over the tip of his cock, pressing it hard, giving him the tiniest sting.

“Fuck!” Shouting out, he jerked hard into Chip’s hand, come shooting out of him.

“Mmm. Very nice.” The words were pleased, warm, teasing, but without a hint of meanness.

“Been a while,” he admitted, doing everything he could to keep his knees locked. Coming like that made him feel a little like a teenager, collapsing from post-orgasmic jelly legs would just be embarrassing.

“Uh-huh. Bed? I want to explore.”

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  1. Oh ... Yes! Can't wait to read the whole story! As always Sean ... HOT ... HOT ... HOT! My Kindle & phone are already smokin'!