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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Author Spotlight Tuesday - Katherine Halle

Today I have Katherine Halle in the author spotlight!

Werewolves or Vampires?

Werewolves – because they're always hot…in more ways than one ;p

What's the craziest were creature you can think of? (and would you ever consider writing it?)

Oooh, this is a tough one – the craziest… Were Praying Mantis? And I don't know, maybe? If the story was right I just might.

Long or thick? (and take that anyway you want -- you know where my mind is!) 

BOTH! Because bigger is ALWAYS better :D

How many werewolf hunters does it take to change a lightbulb?

One because they tend to be territorial and get snarly if anyone else tries to horn in on their hunt.

Who was easier to write, Julian or Stone?

Julian. It was much easier to get into his head. Despite his outward appearance, he's an open book. Stone was a typical Alpha in that he wanted to do it himself which made it hard for me to get into his head.

Sunrise or sunset?

I was going to say sunrise because there's just something magical about watching the sky gradually go from dark to light. But I don't know, there's something really romantic about sunsets – so many different colors in the sky.

What's your favorite time waster?

Probably Tumblr or reading.

Do you procrastinate more at the beginning, middle, end of a story, or not at all?

Middle – definitely middle, it's like I get this huge slump in the middle and don't know how to get where I want to go. I'm in one of those right now L

Hard or soft?


What food do you find the sexiest?

Anything you can eat with your fingers…because finger licking is ALWAYS sexy.

Black and white or all the colors of the rainbow?

Definitely the rainbow
Abs or glutes?
Oh crap, can I say both? Because I love a good six pack but then damn, I love a really fine ass as well.

Can you share a few sexy lines from your release?

"So you finally got me alone. Wanna tell me why?" I asked, sounding much bolder than I really was.
"Do I have to?" Stone eased out an exasperated sigh. "I think you know why." He chuckled. "And don't lie because you know I can hear it."
"What do I smell like to you?" I pushed back from the table and stood up, moving behind my chair.
"Like leather and wolfsbane, gun oil and silver, cinnamon and anise."
"That's quite the combination."
He stood up as well, pushed his chair in, and walked toward me. His wolf lurked just below the surface; I could feel the power rippling through the room. I gripped the back of the chair, my fingers digging into the wood as he stalked toward me.
"It's taking every last ounce of your strength not to reach for the knife you've got hidden up your sleeve, isn't it?" His voice crawled up my spine, making me shiver. Instantly, I regretted leaving my pendant upstairs.
Defiant, I stood my ground until he was right behind me, pressed against my back, lips brushing the skin of my neck, so light it gave me a chill. My hold on the chair tightened, and I heard the wood creak under the pressure.
"Don't break my chair." His voice ghosted over my flesh, raising goose bumps in its path.
"Don't make me," I countered.
His throaty chuckle filled the room, just as he pressed his lips to my skin. The heat of it felt like a brand. It made me gasp, made me want more.
"Want you," he growled, breaking the kiss and burying his nose in the soft skin right below my ear.

I want to thank Sean for hosting me today. Sean doesn't know it but I'm a total fangirl – the Jarheads series was one of the first original M/M fiction I'd ever read and I fell in love with it and Sean's writing. So I'm thrilled to be here today.

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And you can find my books at Torquere and Dreamspinner.

Have a great week!

On the trail of a rogue werewolf, hunter Julian Hart takes on more than he can handle when he meets up with Alpha Stone. His hunt uncovers secrets within lies and a plot for vengeance no one saw coming. When the smoke clears, what Julian finds at the end of the trail will forever change his life and the lives of everyone he holds dear.
It'll be available on October 8 at Torquere Press.

Katherine Halle is known as the “Queen of Happy Endings.” She firmly believes that no matter what the obstacles, what the struggles, or how much angst is involved in the journey, that the ending should always be a happy one.
Katherine’s love of the written word started at a very early age with repeated demands of “read to me” to any who would listen. It was only natural that writing would follow. As a child, she could often be found daydreaming, thinking up fanciful stories and writing them down. Now she does it on a laptop. Much faster.

Katherine’s favorite animal is her dog. She likes books, movies, and quirky television shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hart of Dixie. She loves cooking and watching cooking shows. She has lived in both Europe and the United States and loved both. When she’s not writing or plotting, Katherine enjoys spending her time listening to music, reading books written by other people, and being with her family.

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