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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday -- Need and Chosen (with steamy excerpt)

I thought I would go with a paranormal story today as it's Halloween tomorrow! So I chose Need, my first published paranormal, and then of course I had to include the sequel, Chosen. There's a naughty excerpt from Need below as well.

When Bast picks up Trick, a street hustler with few prospects, Trick is prepared to play along, to have some fun. What he’s not prepared for is falling in love. Good thing for him the obsession is shared on both sides, Bast just as quickly falling for him, needing him.

But Bast is far older than Trick can even imagine, and he has another necessity that’s just as pressing as his love for Trick. Will his vampire nature drive them apart? Or can Trick accept that need takes all forms, and give himself to Bast completely?

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Vampire Bast and his lover Trick are still alive, or not, and kicking in this sequel to Need! Still very human Trick is dealing with the difficulty of having a lover who can't go out in the sun, Bast is trying to accept the changes the world throws at him, and they're both working on understanding the bond between them.

Trick has asked Bast to feed on him alone, and while that's easy enough for Bast because of his deep love for Trick, it causes all sorts of complications. Their friends don't really understand what happens when Bast feeds on Trick, worried that Bast will somehow do his lover harm. Trick figures they're just jealous because he has Bast and they don't, but it could cause serious problems for the pair when their old crowd starts threatening to take Trick away.

To make matters worse, Trick knows he's not getting any younger, and he's starting to worry that he won't be able to keep Bast happy, or fed, for the rest of his life.

Can Trick and Bast settle the problems that seem to follow them? Or will they fold under the pressure of being a vampire and his Chosen?

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Steamy Excerpt from Need:

Bast opened to Trick, letting himself be kissed and touched, his focus on controlling his need. Trick was heavy against him, hot and hard, the smell of semen and bourbon and blood wafting in the air.

Trick's tongue surged into his mouth, sliding along his teeth and tangling with his tongue. One of Trick's hands slid into his hair, angling his head and sliding his mouth sideways, changing the kiss as Trick's tongue slid deeper.

He pulled Trick's t-shirt out from the waistband, hands moving to trail over the warm skin, tracing muscles that jumped for him, leapt up into his touch. He moaned into Trick's mouth, hips pushing up.

Trick pushed back, the motion rolling, rhythmic, pressing their erections together, the bite of Trick's zipper cold through his skintight clothes.

Bast was awash with need, hungry as if he hadn't fed both passion and thirst with a sweet young thing with blood like cheap wine and strawberries only hours ago. It was terrifying, agonizing, unbearably exciting.

The mouth feeding from his pulled away as Trick slid the zipper of Bast's catsuit down and pushed the material off his chest. Trick's hot mouth closed over one of his nipples, teeth grazing and tongue sliding hot and wet.

Bast watched as Trick nibbled and suckled at his skin. The curve of Trick's neck was bared, close and throbbing with life, calling with a steady low wail - oboe solos in an empty concert hall. Bast traced the fine line with one finger, cock swelling impossibly at the pulse beneath his touch.

Or maybe like the scream of a thin-lipped punker, backed by nothing but a snare and a beat-up Les Paul.

Trick slid the zipper down further, fingers beneath it, making sure it slid smoothly over his cock. The warm skin slid against him, just a tease, and then disappeared again once his suit was completely unzipped.

"Oh, Sweets, you make me ache." Bast tugged the dark cotton t-shirt off Trick's chest, hands ranging over the hot-smooth skin.

Trick's eyes met his as Trick arched into his touch; they were full of passion and hunger. "I know the feeling."

He groaned, surging up so his body met Trick's, hissing at the heat and pleasure that filled him. He ducked his head against the hard shoulder, letting his open mouth trail over blood pumping close to the surface. Symphonies. He could hear symphonies pounding away inside those veins. "Who are you, Sweets? What magic do you hold?"

"I'm Trick -- told you I was good." The cocky words were spoken somewhat breathlessly, one of Trick's hands twisting his nipple, the other sliding down between them toward his cock.

"Want you. Hungry..." So close, Bast could feel the life, right there, right beneath his tongue and this one would taste so sweet, so good. "Oh..."

"Oh yeah." Trick's hand circled his cock and began to stroke him, pulling strong and steady. "Let me fuck you, Bast? I'll make you feel so good."

"Yes. Want to feel you inside me." Bast groaned, fingers tangling within Trick's hair. The temptation to tilt the boy's head and draw that fascinating rhythm into himself was painful. "Want to feel you deep."

"Yeah, that's right, deep inside you." Trick shifted, pulling them up and then beginning to work his skintight suit off. "Trick'll take care of you."

"Will you?"

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