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Monday, October 6, 2014

Author Spotlight - Kim Fielding

Today my guest is Kim Fielding. Who comes with answers, excerpts and contests!

Do you have a favorite of your own books?

My favorite is whichever one I'm currently working on! But I'm proudest of The Tin Box, where I address the historical treatment of the mentally ill and of gay people in the US--while still managing a happy ending for a couple of my favorite characters.

Long or thick? (Take it anyway you like, you know where my mind is!)

Do I have to choose? Can't I have both?

Werewolves or vampires?

I've written both, and of course the Bones series has Dylan the werewolf. I'm very fond of him, especially because he's not the stereotypical were. He is, in fact, an introverted hipster architect werewolf. But if forced to choose, I'd take vampires. Mostly because I've had large dogs, and getting the hair off clothing is a pain in the ass. Also, some of my relatives were from Transylvania.

Do you procrastinate in at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, throughout or not at all when writing a book?

I'm an all purpose procrastinator! But I'm generally enthusiastic about the first bit and the last quarter or so goes really quickly. I almost always get a little bogged down somewhere in the middle, at which point I have to force myself to keep going. If you graphed my writing, it would look like a roller coaster where I start with a big zoom right away, have a long uphill slog, and then end up with a wild ride for the end.

Favorite color?

Is black a color? I never quite outgrew my punk past, so I like black and red. But I'm also partial to cobalt blue.

How many graphic artists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Why can't they just draw one?  I am in awe of graphic artists and I think they can do anything they set their minds to. I feel slightly guilty for forcing Ery Phillips, the artist in Bone Dry, to draw grocery store logos and catheterized penises. Only slightly guilty, though.

Country or city?

City. I've lived most of my life in the 'burbs or small towns, and I badly want to live somewhere more urban. A place where I don't have to drive everywhere. But sometimes the country calls too. My brother and sister-in-law own 20 acres in Oregon, and their farm was the inspiration for Dylan's farm in the Bones series. As far as I know, they don't have any werecreatures, water spirits, unicorns, or sasquatches. But they do have bats, otters, beavers, and coyotes, which is pretty cool.

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset. I am not, nor will I ever be, a morning person.

What's the best part of being a writer?

Wreaking literary revenge upon those who wrong me. Mwah-hah-hah! Okay, aside from that, I love hearing from readers. It's so cool to learn that my characters feel real to other people. And writing has also given me the chance to hang out with other authors, which I've really enjoyed.

What's the weirdest werecreature you can think of and would you write it?

Wereslug. I'm afraid it would hard to write anything exciting about one, though.

What's your favorite time waster?

At the moment, Buzzfeed. And playing Word Weld. You didn't ask my least favorite time waster, but I'll tell you anyway: meetings. Ugh.

What's the sexiest food?

I just asked my husband this question, and he insists on whipped cream, frosting, or anything else than can be smeared on your partner. I just keep thinking about having to wash the bedding afterward. Plus all those calories. Hmm. Corn dogs are the most phallic food I can think of, but they're not really all that sexy. How about pasta? Warm ones, al dente, that you need to slurp at and work your tongue around. Okay, I'm going with pasta, despite the unfortunate limp noodle associations.

Can you share a few sexy lines from Bone Dry?

Karl was crying. His hands moved steadily on the guitar, coaxing mournful chords, and his face was wet with tears. He was so beautiful, so sad, that Ery’s heart clenched almost too tightly to beat. I should go back. But his feet wouldn’t move. Even his breathing felt forced.

The song went on for a long time. It made Ery think of cold gray water and empty gray skies. He shivered and pulled his coat closer around him. A few nearly harsh tones called out like the cry of a gull, long deep notes resonated like a foghorn, and a flurry of chords crashed and rumbled like a mighty storm.

Then Karl opened his eyes and saw Ery, and the music stopped.

“Don’t…,” Ery began, then cleared his throat. “You can keep playing.”

But Karl set the guitar carefully in the case near his feet and walked up the slope to Ery. Without saying a word, he folded Ery into an embrace. They’d hugged before—several times, in fact—and not always with platonic intent. But this was different. Karl felt so cold that he burned Ery right through his clothing, and he groaned as he tried to burrow himself into Ery’s skin.

“Please,” Karl whispered into the shell of Ery’s ear.

It was possible that Karl’s music had cast a spell over Ery, like the tempting songs of mythical sirens. But Ery didn’t feel bewitched. Had he wanted to, he could have removed himself from Karl’s grip, muttered something apologetic, and run back to the barn. But God, he really didn’t want to.

Ery laced his hands around the back of Karl’s neck, twining his fingers in long, damp hair, and pressed his lips to Karl’s. Karl opened his mouth at once so that Ery’s tongue could enter and dance with his. The inside of Karl’s mouth was salty and slick. He tasted a little like miso soup, which was a good thing. Ery liked miso soup. Karl’s mouth was as cold as the rest of him, but it soon warmed as he stole some of Ery’s heat. Ery gave up the heat willingly, because in return he saw fireworks against his closed eyelids and swallowed Karl’s moans like bites of rich dessert.

As the kiss continued, Ery untangled his fingers and allowed his hands to drift down. He kneaded at muscular shoulders and the knobs of Karl’s spine. Soft skin warming under his touch, and then the firm rounds of Karl’s ass.

Karl bucked against him a few times, then pulled back a little, wild-eyed and breathless. “Can we, Ery? Please, say yes!”

Well, yeah.

Bone Dry is actually just one of five (!) new releases I have for you. To celebrate, I’m doing a big Fieldingpalooza tour with prizes. Come play along!

Kim’s new releases:

Bone Dry—book 3 in the Bones series—releases October 10—available now for preorder!

Brute—French translation!—releases October 7—available now for preorder!

Standby—in the Stranded anthology—releases October 10—available now for preorder!

The Dance—in the Bones anthology (Gothika vol. 2)—releases October 27—available now for preorder!

The Festivus Miracle—releases November 1—all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders—available now for preorder!


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For more details on Kim’s books, as well as some free stories, visit her at You can also follow her in Twitter @KFieldingWrites and Facebook at


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