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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sealed with a Kink: Service now available!

Sealed with a Kink: Service is now out!

This is the second time around for Master Simeon and Derek. The two men broke up a couple of months ago, but they just couldn’t entirely let go of each other.

Knowing there’s a strong connection between them, Simeon suggests a long weekend for them to try again - Four days, full on submission, exploring Derek’s need for service to be a large part of their relationship.

Can they make it work this time? Or will Monday evening find them going their separate ways once again?

It's now out at Resplendence Publishing!

Steamy excerpt (picks up where Smuterday's excerpt left off):

I can feel every slide of his tongue in my balls, like there’s a string between them.

He then takes me down to the root, swallowing around me convulsively.

“Derek!” I shout out his name, my hips snapping forward in surprise by the sudden move.

He’s squeezing me, pulling my cock into that sweet throat.

“Soon.” I warn him because I’ve gone from zero to sixty so fast.

His answer is to swallow again. And again. And once more.

I cry out again, my hips pushing me deeper and deeper as the spunk pours out of me and into him. I touch his neck, feeling him swallow convulsively. He’s taking me inside him and the thought makes me shudder, another dribble pushing out.

“My good boy.” I run my hand over his head, petting him.

Now he’s earned his own orgasm and I encouraged him up, guide his legs so he’s straddling my lap. His prick is fully hard, leaking against me. Looking into his eyes, I tug up my t-shirt, giving him skin to rub on. His eyes cross and he makes the best noise, raw and wanton.

I grab hold of his ass with both hands and hold on, guiding his motions. He relaxes immediately, submitting beautifully.

I know what he needs and I get a rhythm going, riding his cock along my abs. I can tell my beautiful boy is trying to make it last, make it go on and on. It pleases me, so I slow our movements slightly, and press him harder against me.

Derek’s moans are like music, low and soft, melodic.

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