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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Smutty Advent - last two weeks winner

You know how the more behind you are with something, the harder it gets to do, and then you get more behind and it gets even hard, becoming this herculean task in your mind and so you get even farther behind. Yeah, that. But finally, the last two weeks of contest winners have been drawn using to choose the winners and here they are! (All winners have been notified by email)

Day 17 - a gnome and a notebook - Donna E.
Day 18 - Ottawa in Colour book and plushy reindeer - Hellsbells
Day 19 - plushy snowman and Bad Elf, No Candy Cane ebook - Ksparky
Day 20 -  a print copy of Three More Wishes and a gingerbread keychain - Debby G.
Day 21 - a print copy of Beaten and a plushy porcupine - Jen CW
Day 22 - a print copy of Cream and a plushy reindeer - Penumbra
Day 23 - plushy mouse and Five Golden Beads ebook - Kathy T.
Day 24 - plushy snowman and plushy mouse - Booklover Sue
Day 25 - all three Beer & Clay print volumes - Astrid
Day 26 - a print copy of Add Love and Mix - Sabrina
Day 27 - a print copy of The Luckiest Master and a gingerbread keychain - Katherine H.
Day 28 - mousepad colouring 'book' - CBarton
Day 29 - print copies of The New Boy and The Perfect Sub and a penguin keychain - Serena
Day 30 - a print copy of Master Takes a Name and a purple gnome - Claudia
Day 31 - giant plushy unicorn - Laura K.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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  1. Can't believe I won!! Thank you for the chance and congrats to all the winners🤗