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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rambles on a Thursday

I know I haven't been around all that much lately. I have had so many edits in the last few weeks, that I've had my head down and am just trucking through them for the most part. It has kept me busy. I still have a third of the way to go on the longest and deepest of the edits and I have three others in the to be done pile.

I finally received payment for Toruqere's 3rd quarter 2015 - that's right 2015. I have finally gotten payment on the check that bounced and I had to go to Arkansas' AG. It's only a year and two months past when I should have been paid and I never would have seen a penny of it if I hadn't gone to the Bounced Check Department in Arkansas. The lady running that department was a star. Thank you very much to her. Now if only I had any recourse to recover 4th quarter 2015, 1st quarter 2016 and 2nd quarter 2016 royalties also owed to me by Torquere. If only she'd bounced checks for those too instead of just not paying me...

I'm working on getting all the books orphaned by All Romance Ebooks back up. I hate that everything is reprints right now in my self-pub world instead of new books. But there's a bunch of books who no longer have a home that I have to get back out there. I'm trying to mark everything clearly so readers know to check and make sure they don't already have a book that's a reprint before purchasing.

Speaking of ARE and repubbing - Amazon is being a dick about the two books I'm trying to put up. I'm used to having to jump through a hoop to confirm I am the copyright holder, or have the rights to publish the book, but this time they made me go through double hoops with both books. That's called adding insult to injury.

I went to my first in person hockey game on Tuesday. I have to admit, I was bored. It disappointed me greatly, because I was hoping for excitement and fun. I left halfway through the second period to avoid the crowds. I know it's 'our' game, but I've never been much into sports, aside from a couple years as a teen when I was the biggest Expos fan going (baseball). I love the Olympics, but otherwise I tend to be totally non-sports watching.

I am feeling nibbly, but I don't know what I want to nibble on. Totally hate that.

Okay, break time is over.

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  1. I'm happy you got at least some money - at least there's that.

    UGH abt Amazon - why must things be so hard?