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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Smutterday - Blowing Smoke

Here's another smutty excerpt - this one from the newly re-released Blowing Smoke.

Do dragons have soul mates?

Brinley Adams is pleased to get a job as assistant to elusive and reclusive billionaire Lindrom Drage. That the job requires him to live in the man’s home in the country is only a bonus. While he’s not exactly running away, he’s trying to leave behind a crazy, stalking ex, and Drage’s isolated home might be just the place to hide.

Lindrom Drage, known at home as Dragon, just wants an assistant who works out for longer than a month or two. He’s already gone through several in the last year, and he wants someone who can do the job and put up with his refusal to deal with anything that takes him out of his home. But when he meets Brin, he suddenly wants so much more than just a work assistant.

Brin doesn’t know his boss is actually a dragon. The trick is going to be convincing Brin that neither of them is crazy, and that not only are dragons real, so are soul mates.

Blowing Smoke is available through Evil Plot Bunny and Amazon.

Smutty Excerpt:

“Come here,” he murmured, wanting Brin in his lap.

“Come...” Brin sounded dazed, and Dragon had to smile. He didn’t have the gift to daze and confuse others, but he could call to someone and draw them successfully if the potential for a bond was there.

“Right here.” Dragon patted his lap. He wasn’t being coy at all—he wasn’t the type for that.

“This is very irregular, Sir.” Nonetheless, Brin came right to his side.

“I’m not your regular boss. I’m not your regular anything.”

Brin’s gaze was caught in his own, and the boy licked his lips enticingly before speaking. “No, Sir.”

Dragon put his arm around Brin and drew him right down to straddle his thighs. Once he had Brin there, he discovered that Brin’s sweet ass fit perfectly in his palms. Dragon held on, bringing their lips together and breathing into Brin.

Brin groaned, the sound filling Dragon’s lungs and increasing his need, feeding it. He rolled Brin forward, their cocks pushing together, only their slacks keeping them apart. He swore he could feel the heat of them almost as if they were both naked.

His boy arched and ground them together, their cocks so hard together. Dragon hadn’t expected such boldness so soon, and he moaned loudly, revelling in it. It was a perfect start, the best beginning.

Brin stopped suddenly, shaking his head. “What am I doing?”

“Following your instincts.” Dragon would bet a hefty sum that Brin did that a lot less than Dragon did. He also thought Brin would have so much more fun if he did it more often.

“Following...” Brin blinked for him. “You’re burning up.”

He frowned. “What do you mean?” He didn’t see how Brin’s thoughts connected.

“Your skin. You’re so hot. It feels like magic.”

“Oh!” He’d forgotten that humans weren’t as naturally warm as he was. “Yes, I run hot. I’m glad you like it.”

Brin blinked as the wireless earphone buzzed again, signalling another phone call. Dragon could see Brin slowly beginning to draw away from him, the distraction clear.

Dragon growled. “That thing is a menace.” If there wasn’t an earphone plugged right into Brin, then they could just ignore the call.

“Yes. Yes, but that’s what you need me for,” Brin pointed out.

“You could let the answering machine get this one.” And the next and the next and the one after that, too. Dragon didn’t have a problem with that.

“You... you’re the boss...” Brin noted.

Indeed, he most certainly was. Which put him in the driver’s seat. “Which means what I say goes.” He liked that. “Why don’t you take the ear thing out and let the calls go to the answering machine for the next...” Year? Would that be long enough that his urge to explore and be with Brin would have backed off a little? He settled on “—little while.” Mostly because he was pretty sure a year wouldn’t be long enough at all. Possibly two or three lifetimes was a better idea.

He tugged at the Bluetooth earpiece, doing his best not to just yank it out and toss it across the room. He didn’t want to hurt his boy, after all. Dragon set the thing on the soundboard, then touched Brin’s ear, stroking the edge.

“Poor abused flesh.” He cupped Brin’s head and turned it slightly so he could lick and nibble at the earlobe in question.

“Oh!” Brin jerked, eyes huge, the gasp shockingly loud.

Was it a sweet spot, or had he simply surprised Brin? Dragon licked again, then blew across the area. Brin’s belly tightened, the muscles jerking hard. Groaning Dragon took the lobe right in and sucked on it vigorously. Then he bit, hard.

Brin bucked so hard, he almost lost his seat. Dragon grabbed a tighter hold of Brin’s ass, tugging him in close as he bit again.

“You. You bit me,” Brin accused, eyes wide, mouth open for each breath that panted out.

“I did. I’m going to do it again. Probably a lot.” He liked biting. Judging by the heavy cock against his body, Brin liked it, too.

Dragon wriggled them together, loving the way their bodies moved against each other. Brin stared at him, eyes huge, wide. Desire was written over Brin’s face, and Dragon aimed to keep it there.

He kept them moving, rolling, and pressing, holding tight to the gorgeous ass. The beast within him growled deep, rushing up to the surface. Brin moaned at the sound he’d made, and Dragon smiled, feeling feral, wild. Fierce. He roared when Brin touched his belly, stroked his nipples.

“Yes, boy. Touch me.”

Brin pinched him, squeezing his nips so slowly. He gasped, pleased. Brin was doing so well. Who knew that the shy, demure man would have responded so eagerly? He imagined Brin had never dreamed this would happen.

The pressure eased up, Brin’s touches smoothing over his flesh now, so gentle.

“Don’t stop,” Dragon ordered.

“No?” Brin squeezed again, nice and slow.

“God, no.” His voice was rough, his need pressing up against Brin.

Brin tugged again, so easily, so gently. Dragon’s nipples felt like they were extremely sensitive, and he couldn’t wait to feel all this without any of their clothes on. That would have to wait until Brin was ready, though. He had the feeling that wouldn’t take too long, but if he pushed too soon… He just needed to make sure his boy stayed on the same page as he was without overwhelming Brin.

Dragon slid one of his hands between them and rubbed Brin’s nipples through his shirt, too. The tiny bits were stiff and hard, his boy arching against him, sweet as pie. Humming, he tried to get a stronger hold so he could pinch, but between the slippery material of Brin’s shirt and his thick fingers, he was having trouble getting a grip. That seemed altogether unfair.

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