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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Smutterday - Eternity

Eternity is another short story that has just been re-released as a self-pub.

After four hundred years as an immortal, Lukas has become bored and is dying of ennui. He wills everything he owns to his creator Gustav, with whom he’s had a three hundred years long falling out, and goes up onto the roof to meet the dawn.

Will he survive the sun? And if he does, can Gustav keep him from becoming bored again?

Originally published in Masks Off Too and as a stand alone. The publisher has changed.

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Smutty Excerpt:

In seconds, he was through the window, leaping at Lukas' retreating figure.

"Master!" Lukas cried out as his body pressed against Lukas', and Gustav moaned softly. He did love that word in Lukas' voice.

"Yes, child." He turned Lukas around and brought their mouths together.

Lukas tasted like incipient rain, like worry and youth, still. The flavors slammed through Gustav. They had waited a long time to come together again. He would wager it had been worth every second.

Gustav held on to Lukas' upper arms, refusing to give his child any quarter. His child. His. His own: lock, stock, and barrel. He bit at Lukas' lower lip, not willing to wait a moment longer to taste his boy again.

"No..." Lukas moaned, opened for him.

"Yes." He licked at the little drop of blood that welled from his bite, Lukas' flavor exploding over his tongue. He keened softly, the world going red. Needing more of the intoxicating flavor, he sucked on Lukas' lip.

"You have guests."

He snorted; he wasn't giving Lukas a chance to disappear. "They won't miss me."

"Why did you come here?"

"I had to check out my new acquisitions." He let that linger for a moment before giving Lukas a gift. "Including you."

"What? Me?"

"Yes. You." He dove back in for another kiss. He had been addicted to Lukas' flavor, once upon a time. It seemed he still was.

He'd always believed that Lukas would return to him, need him. This bequeathing of all of Lukas' possessions and the insane attempt to end it all was Lukas' way of coming back to him.

Lukas' cock was hard, pressed against his thigh. Before the night was out, Lukas would be begging to be allowed to come. He pushed Lukas toward the bed, grinning at how large it was. His child was, at heart, a hedonist.

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