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Friday, September 9, 2016

Random Friday

Yesterday was stupid humid out, but today while still warm is better. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, but then Sunday is supposed to be quite nice. I'm crossing my fingers it turns out to be accurate. I would love a mellow weather day.

Didn't get nearly as much accomplished this week as I had been hoping to. That's okay, there is nothing time sensitive on my todo list that needs to be looked at before Monday. So yay for that. I am planning on a lazy weekend. Maybe I'll have a movie marathon.

I have a lovely little beta fish I named Fairy, because he looks like one with his wing like fins. Every morning I turn on the little light on his tank and put in six teeny tiny pellets, one at a time so I know for sure he's eaten them and they aren't decorating the bottom of the tank, making it go off. He's trained now. As soon as I turn that light on, he makes his way to the corner of the tank where I slip the food in. I didn't know you could train fish, but apparently you can. He also has a 'hammock' which is a plastic leaf suction cupped to the wall a couple inches from the top of the tank. This is so that he can rest. I thought the sales lady was having me on, but he totally uses it at least once a day, lying quite still on it. It's a little bizarre but also really neat.

I ave a relatively black thumb. The fact that I actually have some plants that seem to be doing pretty well in my little plant corner is kind of amazing. My big thing is remembering to water them...

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

This Random Friday has been brought to you by the letters b, d, s and m. ;)

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