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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Smutterday - On the Road

Another week-day smutterday!  This one is another self-pubbed reprint.

On the Road

For two men who spend their days in the cab of a long-haul semi, Kyle and Mike are very different guys. Kyle is a wealthy man who fled his life after the death of his lover. Mike was married, has a kid who wants nothing to do with him, and has to work to pay his bills. The one thing they have in common is their need for the open road, and for each other.

When Kyle wants to retire, though, the brakes start to fail, as Mike doesn't want to quit working until he can pay his own way, not wanting to touch Kyle's money. Can these two work around the obstacles in the road to stay together?

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smutty excerpt:

"Yeah? You need me to take the wheel, lover?"

"You aren't going to be in a fit state to take anything." The rig started to gear down.

He relaxed into the blankets, not speeding his strokes. "No? I'm feeling pretty fucking fit, Mike."

"You won't be." It was a promise.

A glance over at the rear view mirror found blue eyes full of heat and want.

"Pretty big claim there, Blondie. Sure you're mouth's not writing checks your body can't cash?" His hand sped, hips rocking.

The truck was slowing fast, Mike pulling them over onto the shoulder. "You sure you wanna poke the bull like that, Kyle?"

Oh, yeah. He was sure. Really fucking sure. "Does that mean you're horny?"

The truck stopped just in time for him to hear Mike's snort and then his lover's hand was on the seat belt and he had a long body landing hard on his.

He searched for Mike's mouth, hands fighting to slide from between their bodies. Mike's lips covered his in a hard kiss, hips grinding against him. He pushed his hands up to circle Mike's neck, giving as good as he got. One of Mike's hands worked its way between them, sliding against his cock, and Mike undid his own jeans. Then his hands were grabbed and pushed up above him, Mike moving up his body, only stopping when the thick cock was pressed against his mouth.

Kyle pulled against Mike's grip, testing it, testing him. "You want something, Mike?"

"Suck me." Mike pushed the long cock hard against his lips, drops of pre-come coating his lips.

Kyle moaned, the tip of his tongue sliding out to taste the salt of his lover. "Say please."

"I think you should say please -- you're the one who wants it so bad." Mike's blue eyes glittered down at him.

His tongue flicked out again, sliding against the slit of the thick, heavy cock, pushing just inside before retreating. He wasn't the only one who wanted.

Mike moaned, eyes closing as he pushed harder, hands squeezing tight. "Suck me."

Kyle opened his mouth, lips wrapping around the wide, flared head, and began to suck. A long groan filled the cab and Mike pushed, slow but sure, deeper into his mouth. Kyle kept his lips tight, suction fierce and strong. Mike's cock tasted rich, hot and silky and hard as fuck.

Mike actually whimpered, hips pushing his cock deep. Kyle gave Mike what he was asking for, pulling on that fat prick, looking to make his lover scream.

smut fixes everything

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