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Friday, January 31, 2020

Random Friday is Random

  • Good Morning!
  • I got caught up on all my shows on the regular networks, so I have been binging stuff on demand and the various streaming services - caught up with The Gifted and I'd love if they would do a third season of this. Also started watching the second season of Lost in Space. My fave characters are the Robot and Dr. Smith. I like the Robinson kids, but the parents occasionally make me grumble. 
  • Winter so far has been - here have some really cold weather, oh yeah, snow, let's throw a bunch of snow at you. Wait, let's warm up above zero (freezing) so a bunch of the snow melts but there's nowhere for it to go so the sidewalks are now water and slush piles so your feet are soaked right through - sorry, not sorry. I miss the good old-fashioned winter where it was darn cold for three-four months solid and only started melting when it was serious about it being spring. This back and forth crap makes it hard for walking (and is great for creating tons of potholes.)
  • Nonetheless I'm loving the snow on the ground and it's just so beautiful while it's snowing, with everything covered in white
  • I'm still baking, just not as much as I do at Christmas. I've got a batch of maple walnut cookies in the oven. I'm seeing my folks today and I wanted to bring them some. 
  • I start Ozempic on Monday. I'm nervous, because the pharmacist and doctor said I have to watch closely at first to make sure my sugars don't drop too low. But I'm also nervous that it isn't going to work that way for me and my sugars are just going to remain as they are. I have to admit to feeling like a failure that I can't keep them down better. Unfortunately I love carbs in almost all the forms they come in...
  • I can't believe it's the last day of January today - where the heck did the month go?
  • I wish you all a very happy weekend

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