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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

For today's top ten list, I thought I'd do favorite shifters in honor of Seduced by the Tide being out.

Top Ten Favorite Shifters

10. Bird shifters. I've written one - a cardinal shifter in Little Red Riding Hood - but I'm still not sure about them as shifters.

9. Snow Leopard shifters. One of my favorite big cats. In fact, I have one tattooed on my right foot.

8. Lion shifters. There's something about these huge cats that's so much fun to write.

7. Mountain Lion shifters. I love these big cats with the enormous paws.

6. Panther shifters. The black panther is another one of my favorite big cats.

5. Wolf shifters. Tried but true, I love the pack set up that comes with wolf shifters.

4. Dinosaur shifters. I've never written one, but I'd love to. I think it could be a really neat story.

3. Rhinoceros shifters. My rhino shifter in Beauty and the Beast was a total blast to write.

2. Bear shifters. I haven't written many of these, but I love them

1. Dragon shifters! My favorite at this point in time. And I'm having a blast writing the Dragon Soul series. I'm going to be very sad when I put 'the end' to the last of the books.

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