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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I thought I'd share my favorite non-alcoholic drinks - for lo it has gotten hot and I need to keep hydrated.

Top Ten Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drinks

10. Lemonade - the kind made with fresh lemons, some sugar, water and plenty of ice

9. Tang - made with a far higher powder to water ratio than suggested and lots of ice.
When I was little, we'd go spend a week or two on my grandparents' farm and when all the guys were in the fields bringing in the crops, my grandmother would make up some Tang in the mid-afternoon and I would walk it out to them. I can remember she used to make it in this big honey tin with a handle. And she'd put a lot of ice in it, but of course by the time I got out there, most of the ice would be gone. There was a big ladle in it and instead of any sort of cup, the guys would just dip the ladle in the Tang and drink out of it. That was the only time I would have Tang until I got older and left home. Now, any time I have Tang it brings me right back to my grandparents' farm  during the summer heat.

8. Orange Valencia Refresher - from Starbucks and unfortunately no longer sold. Damn it.

7. Second Cup's White Hot Chocolate with whip - mostly drunk in winter, I love this stuff

6. Lady Grey tea - it's a milder version of Earl Grey and I like it very milky.

5. Apple juice. I like it cold out of the fridge.

4. Milk. 2% is my milk of choice. I love it with grilled cheese sandwiches, desserts, some things just taste better with milk.

3. Canada Dry Gingerale. It's my fizzy drink of choice now that I no longer drink Coke.

2. Water. I prefer Icelandic Glacial bottled water, but Disani is a close second and I have a filter on the fridge. Hell, it's not even bad out of the tap.

1. Coca-Cola - this has been my favorite drink ever since I was little. It was always a treat for me back then. When I moved out, I drank it every day and was quite addicted to it. I could easily drink several cans a day. Sadly, I've had to quit it and as addicted as I was, I can't do just one drink now and then. Just one drink always leads to another. I know because I tried to quit it several times. I finally managed to get it to stick for more than six months. It's been four years this August since I last had one. I still miss it.

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  1. OMG I love Tang...but I haven't had it in years. We drink a LOT of Fiji's my kid's favorite. We usually drink 1% milk..when my parents aren't buying 2% bed they think my kid is too skinny *rolls eyes*