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Monday, June 26, 2017

Movie Monday

I actually saw a few movies last week! Two were on TV, the other was on BluRay.

Firstly, I pvr'd Snowpiercer. I hadn't seen it before - I'm not sure I'd even heard of it before. I knew I recognized the main character's voice and it was bugging me enough, that I finally looked it up and to my surprise it was Chris Evans. I did finally recognize it was him once he took his hat off. I liked this movie. The premise was neat and it was a great little microcosm of society.

Then I pvr'd From Paris with Love. This one I had heard of and it was one that I wanted to see when it first came out, but somehow wound up forgetting about. I'm glad I finally got to see it. John Travolta was a hoot and Johnathon Rhys Meyers was great as his straightman. I called the girlfriend from the first time we met her, though. Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Then I saw Lego Batman on BluRay. As often is the case with animated movies, I saw the first fifteen minutes before napping, then woke up for the last ten. There's just something about most animated films that have me dozing off. The beginning with Batman 'narrating' the opening credits was funny. But it wasn't enough to hold my attention and keep me awake. This probably should not be indicative of whether the movie was any good or not, though, because as I mentioned this is typical for me and animated stuff.

Happy Monday all!

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