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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sneak Peek Sunday

Today's Sneak Peek is of Seduced by the Tide, officially out on June 26, but already available for pre-oder!

Meet the Beteferoce brothers. Five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power. And each with a fierce desire to find his soul mate…  

Deke has yet to meet a man who gives him a rush. Coast Guard rescue has kept the dragon shifter busy, but there's no harder work than finding a mate. Then comes Bryan. Bearded and inked, the personal trainer turned mechanic smells of grease, sweat and red meat. How irresistibly human can you get? And when it comes to hot, slamming sex, they're the perfect fit. Now all Deke has to do is to tell Bryan what he really is, and what he has planned for them.

Bryan has never met anyone like Deke, a consuming lover with a body so arousing it damn near hurts. And he knows how to use every inch of it. Yet he can't shake the feeling that Deke is hiding something. Just not this—the stud he's falling for is a centuries-old dragon who has marked him as a mate.

Bryan has to admit that something inside him is changing. For the first time ever, he's satisfied, body and soul. If Deke really is telling the truth, this could be his destiny—if he's ready to face it.

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“Thirty-five. Thirty-six. Come on, man. Push.” Bryan grunted and worked his biceps, sweating like a whore in church as the summer sun poured into the garage. He had to get this workout in before he headed over to his neighbor’s for supper. Shae and his new partner, Jake, were home from another trip, and they were grilling burgers, dogs, maybe a couple steaks.
His stomach growled. He usually preferred lean proteins and vegetables, but right now he could practically taste the steak melting in his mouth. It had to be the increased strength training. Had to be. Or maybe it was that he now equated steak with his best friend, as that seemed to be what they had the most whenever Shae and Jake were in town. Which, sadly, wasn’t that often. Frankly, he missed Shae and cooking out was always a good excuse to get together.
He was trying to decide if he should bother to go shower or not when a beat-up aqua-blue VW bug—the classic kind, not one of those newfangled hipster ones—pulled up in front of Shae’s and the biggest guy he’d ever seen climbed out of the front seat.
Except he’d seen this guy before…
Dark hair, muscles that wouldn’t quit, hell, even air seemed to drool around him.
Ah, yes, the new beau’s brother. Yummy. He’d had a drool fest when the guy had used Shae’s place for a couple of days last year. The guy was built to fantasize about. And Bryan had. This guy had starred in more than one fantasy while he got busy with his hand in the shower.
He could totally tap that. God knew he hadn’t had a good roll in the hay in forever. Since the time he’d fucked Shae, in fact, though he’d never tell his best friend that. Nobody needed to know he was that picky.
He supposed that meant he should go ahead and shower, then. Although some guys appreciated a little sweat on their man.
He rolled up off the weight bench, then grabbed a fifty pounder and started working his biceps, playing out a happy little fantasy involving the big guy and a shower.
He wasn’t a small man himself, but that guy? Shit, that stud could probably throw him around like he was stuffed with cotton. Bryan could almost feel his back slamming up against the tile. Not that he’d ever want something rough like that, but that was why they were called fantasies, right?
The weight in his hand hit the concrete floor, slipping from his fingers while he was distracted, and Jake’s brother paused at the curb and turned, looking in his direction. Looking right at him.
Jesus, those eyes were the brightest blue he’d ever seen. Ever.
A smile quirked the guy’s lips and he turned away, heading up Shae’s walk and going out of view. Bryan could still feel that gaze, though, almost like a touch. That was a hell of a lot of man.
He finished his workout and closed up the garage before he headed inside. Shower. Jack off so he didn’t spring a boner the second he was introduced to Jake’s brother. Nap.
It was a plan. It wasn’t a particularly involved plan, but it was a plan.

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